Word for Me on 07/31/2011

I discipline those that I love. I discipline you because I want you to be holy; I want you to be holy because I want you to see ME. The minute you take control of your life you will be out of control eventually. Let me take control of your life and you will have joy and peace in the mix of all the storms of life. You can do all things through ME!

Have we Become a Ridiculous Church? Part One

“The Idol of Big Buildings”

            Allow me to take
something off my chest that has been infuriating me for years. I grew up in a non-Denominational,
charismatic Church. Even today, I thank God for that congregation and the
things I learned there; however, I also learned some things that I am not to do
because they were unbiblical. I am only going to point out one specific thing
which I believe is like a tumor in our local congregations across America.

            By the time I joined
this particular bilingual and multicultural congregation, they were already in
a building that sat three thousand people; the second building sat approximately
three hundred people and they had a third building set for Sunday school, Class
Rooms, etc. Sounds wonderful, right? Before this particular congregation of
mostly Hispanics moved into this building, they were paying next to nothing to
meet in American churches; they paid as low as $75.00 a month to use an already
established American Church. But, even with that price they at times struggled
to make the payment. This was a congregation of about one hundred and fifty to
two hundred people. So, with less than a thousand people, with a people that
were already not too, big on giving; they believed a word that said: “God told
us to buy this building.”

            Me and my late wife
were brand new Christians when we joined this church. We spent a few months at an
Assemblies of God Church. I was particularly happy there, but when my wife came
to visit this bilingual church, she was convinced that that was the church for
us; so I decided to make the change. At the time, we also had two beautiful
baby boys and I was so excited that my children were going to grow up in the

            The building was
beautiful. The Worship Team was out of this world; anointed, bilingual and
skillful. The word was prophetic, powerful and full of fire. As I walked in I
saw the beautiful banners, the colors, the Praise dancers, the music…it was an amazing
thing to see. But, something happened; as time went by; everything became about
the building. Being able to pay the rent was the center of all miracles for
this congregation. At the most, we grew to about three hundred people in a
building that sat three thousand as I said before. Something was wrong with
this picture. Why did we even buy this building? Financial pressure also has a
way to divide families; our financial pressures did just that for this

            Many people came in,
many prophets came in and prophesied that God will do a miracle and pay the
building off. All of them stand today as either false prophets or prophets that
were totally off. As I grew in my faith, I served as a Deacon and then as an
Elder. I was involved with the youth, the Worship Team, the prison Ministry and
others. However, I saw the writing on the wall. “The day will come when all you will see will be an empty building; God
is not about buildings, God is about people
.” That word was not received
well, after all, we must have faith; speak that thing, claim that thing and it
will be yours, so they say.

            Some time later, the church
was divided and that was my cue to get out. For years, just as the Lord showed
me, that beautiful building stood empty with a “For Sale” sign right in the
city of Jacksonville. Recently, a local ministry in Jacksonville, Florida purchased
that property. They finish fixing the second building; the one that seats about
three hundred people and opened the doors to their new building. The main building
remains close. Prophesies are already coming in: “Very
soon, God is going to have you guys move to the main building,” they say. Is that truth? I don’t know, but I hear
the same sounds I heard when I was there.


Reflexión Sobre las Vanidades de la Vida

Dicen tenerlo todo, pero en realidad
no tienen nada. Son montes que se derrumban, playas preciosas con oleajes
peligrosos; desiertos a los cuales llegan vientos recios y sorpresivos, son espectáculos
que decepcionan y noches frías sin sabanas.


Dicen tenerlo todo, pero son tierra seca,
ríos sin agua, imágenes huecas y revistas viejas. La vida sin Cristo no es
vida; todo a la larga cansa. Los amigos, los mismos chistes, las mismas
esquinas y paisajes se convierten en una provocación al vómito.


Corro de las conversaciones vanas, de
las historias estúpidas, de los chismes y de las mismas quejas que como canciones
desafinadas entorpecen mis oídos. Que si el presidente no sirve, que las cosas están
malas, que si el gobierno no hace nada, que si la economía, que si nos quitan
el seguro social, que si no hay trabajo…hablan como si Dios no existiera, como
si no hubiese poder de arriba ya disponible, como si esta vida es todo lo que
representa nuestra existencia.


A la larga, lo que ayer nos entretuvo,
hoy nos aburre; lo que ayer nos inspiró, hoy nos avergüenza. La vulgaridad la
veo en “Facebook” casi todos los días, que si Fulano cogió esta, que si Perencejo
se lo hizo a la Prieta. Solo Dios llena nuestros vacíos, solo Dios enriquece
nuestra experiencia de padre, de hijo, de esposo y de amigo. Solo Dios es la
fuente de vida, sin El somos como hojas caídas del árbol, como fuentes secas y
como vestidos en la basura. Esos que un día convertimos en ídolos, hoy son
motivo de carcajadas y burla.


Ya tengo suficientes problemas,
suficiente putrefacción en mi alma por motivo de mi niñez, de mis experiencias,
de mi maldad carnal y de una mente expuesta a la impureza. ¿Para qué atraer más
excremento? Quiero más de Dios, de Su fuego, de Su Santidad, de Su amor y de
Sus formas. Sigo cayendo, me sigo levantando, me caigo otra vez y entonces El
me levanta. ¡Cuán paciente y severo es Dios conmigo!


Oh Dios mío,
aclara mi garganta, entona mi voz para cantarte, unge mi vida con tu amor, quémame
con tu fuego; prepárame para servirle a tu pueblo; remueve de mi vida todas las
piedras que me impiden cruzar al otro lado. Quiero más de ti, estoy ya cansado
de lo común; quiero tu sobrenatural presencia y tu inmedible poder en mi vida. Dame
estas cosas que te pido para beneficio de tu pueblo y para Gloria de tu Nombre.

What is Holding You Back? Part 2

A quick study on the life of David will quickly show us that David sinned many,
many times. David committed some horrible sins that even today they would be
consider repulsive; however, David’s walk was never moved. David never changed
his heart towards God; he was in a constant pursuit of loving God above all
things. In Second Kings 22:1-2; hundreds of years after the death of David, the
Bible tells us…

“Josiah was
eight years old when he began to reign, and he reigned thirty and one years in
Jerusalem. And his mother’s name was
Jedidah, the daughter of Adaiah of Boscath. And he did that which was right in the sight of the LORD, and walked in
all the way of David his father, and turned not aside to the right hand or to
the left.”


            Did you read that? David’s sins or stumbles did not change his walk. David “turned not aside to the right hand or to the
So, we must learn that in this walk we must not allow the enemy to
mess-up our minds every time we sin. We must take a deeper look at our day-to-day
walk and continue to allow the Holy Spirit to allow us to grow in loving God
according to Romans 5:5


“Now hope does not
disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the
Holy Spirit who was given to us.”


            We must continue to allow the Holy
Spirit to pour out the love of God in our hearts; that is the daily challenge
and where our focus should be. The problem that we are having is that we allow
our sin to fill our hearts with condemnation as we declare and believe
ourselves to be declared guilty. That is because we don’t understand God’s love
and mercy. Little-by-little, we move away from God and His path and we find
ourselves in very dark places, running away from God’s righteousness into caves
of shame. As we do so, the enemy will do what he is called to do since Genesis


 “And I will put
enmity Between you and the woman, And between your seed and her Seed; He shall
bruise your head, And you shall bruise His heel.”


            Recently, I injured my left heal
playing softball. My walk has been changed since. That is what the enemy does
with us when we allow him; the devil bruises our heel! Beloved, I know what it
is to sin with my pride, my attitude, the things I say and the things I do. I
know how quickly I recovered from those as I repented and continued my pursuit
of God. On the other hand, I also know the times when my walk was one of an
infidel, even as I was already a born again Christian. I know what it is to be
consumed with guilt and to find myself walking in some very dangerous paths.
See, there is no way around this; if we walk in the flesh, we walk in death,
but if we walk in the Spirit, we are granted life and peace. Romans 8:6 tells


“For to be carnally
minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.”


            So the question is: What is holding
you back? It is not necessary sin, but the way you view and deal with sin! God’s
Way is, without a doubt, better than any drug, any alcohol, any sexual fantasy,
any woman or any man. God’s Way of doing things provides us with a life that is
filled with the peace of God, a peace so powerful that it overpasses all
understanding. When the focus of our walk is changed from the Spirit to the
flesh, we will then cut our own selves from the enjoyment of God’s peace. Have
you ever being there? No matter how much we try to camouflage our unholy walks
through life, they will always rob us from the beauty and power of God’s peace.
Philippians 8:7 helps us to close this series with the following words:


“And the peace of God, which passeth
all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”






What is Holding You Back? Part 1

What is the problem? What is that wall that blocks us from going to the other side? What is that thing that
keeps us wandering within the mountains of conformity and mediocrity? When it
comes down to sin, we are all on leveled ground; none of us are exempt, no
matter how high and holy we may feel we are.

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God…” (Romans 3:23)

 “Ifwe say that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar, and His word is not in us.”

(1John 1:10)

            I also feel prompted by the Holy Spirit to make the
following statement: We must stop using the sin of others as an excuse to
justify our own sin. The same God that is going to judge others for their sin
will judge us for ours. There is an element of making others that are younger
in the faith stumble; however, there is a point of responsibility where we know
enough about the Lord and His ways; at that point, the blaming game stops.

Romans 8:1 tells us:

“There is therefore now no condemnation to
those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk
according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit.”

            The word “condemnation” means, “The judicial act of declaring one’s
In order for us not to be victims of the awfulness of condemnation, we must take a closer look at our
walk. We are called to walk in the Spirit. The Spiritual walk is a walk of love for God,
love for others, sacrifice for the good of our neighbors; it is a walk that
encourages us to forgive, a walk that loves even our worst enemies, a walk that
promotes giving over receiving and taking, a walk that establishes humility as
a central aspect of our personalities, etc.

The Body of Christ desperately needs
a revelation of sin. Many are spending a great deal of energy judging the
homosexuals while ignoring the little things they themselves do in their secret
places. Many others are quick to judge a brother who smokes, but they are bound
by masturbation. Yet, others judge the drug addicts and alcoholics, but are
totally blinded by their personal pride. Beloved, we are going to sin as long
as we live in this flesh. However, I have news for you, as crazy as this may
sound, that does not mean that we are walking in sin. One thing is to stumble
on our way to our destination; the other is to totally change directions. One
thing is to have a flat tire on our way from Florida to North Carolina on
Highway 95 North, fix the tired and keep on going; the other is to take an exit
and turn around by taking 95 South.


Anointed AND Dedicated By Doctor Rayette Pollard and Pastor Angel Casiano

Do you take your gift for granted or do you nourish it so you can bless the kingdom of God? Are you waiting for the Lord to drop a gift in your lap like manna? If so, then you are definitely working with it like the Israelites did with manna! Many think they simply popped manna into their mouths like popcorn, but Num 11:7-8 tells us otherwise. DON’T BE LAZY! Work with the gifts the Lord gives you. Matt 25:14-30.

If you are a musician, it’s not a violation of your faith to rehearse. If you are a praise dancer, working on technique is not a sin. The secular world spends countless hours preparing to perform for human beings and their own glory. How much more should we, the people of God, prepare to minister to church body and the God that created the heavens and the earth? Talent plus dedication brings forth great entertainment. Talent plus dedication plus the anointing of God brings forth a life changing experience.

Report From North Carolina


Pastor Phillips Wallace

And just like that I am back in North Carolina! It is amazing to me how God does things in spite of our foolishness. If you read this blog you will see how God has turned my life around. There was a time where I seriously thought that my life was over. Never in a million years did I imagine that I was going to be back in North Carolina or minister in the capacity of a pastor again…but God! I arrived last night with my three beautiful kids. It was good to see my lovely girlfriend / soon to be fiancée and soon to be wife Rayette and my three other daughters. We will be a family of eight… Wow, please pray for us! 🙂

I am so excited to be back inNorth Carolina for this new chapter in my life! I am at The Carpenter’s Shop Church at this very moment. I just finished spending a few moments with the Lord in the church’s sanctuary. It is always a scary thing to start all over, but I am trusting the Lord…or at least trying to! Just being honest!  🙂

Also, today I completed the school paper work for my two sons; everything ready to enroll them in school Monday. This Monday I also officially start working as part of the Pastoral Staff here at The Carpenter Shop. Can’t wait to meet with Pastor Wallace and discuss what the Lord is doing here and get a deeper understanding of my purpose back in this region.

As always, thank you so much for supporting this blog!



Getting Ready to Depart From Puerto Rico

Getting ready to depart from Puerto Rico! The best vacation-time ever! I love God, I love my future wife Rayette, I love all of my four daughters and two sons, I love my parents, family, friends and I love my Puerto Rico. Now, it’s time to get ready to move to North Carolina; to continue what God started in us there in July of 2005! This is for the glory of God, for the service of God’s people and for the beat down on the devil…I, in the name of Jesus, will take back ALL that you, lying serpent, took away from me!

New Sheriff in Town For Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico tiene un nuevo Superintendente de la Policía. Su nombre es Emilio Díaz Colón. Estemos en oración por este hombre para que Dios le dé la sabiduría y la unción necesaria para hacer el trabajo que se espera de él.  El Señor Díaz Colón expresó sus planes de envolver a las comunidades en general; esto, incluyendo específicamente a la comunidad religiosa de la Isla.  Que Dios guarde al Señor Emilio Díaz Colón y le provea con todo lo necesario para reducir significativamente el crimen en Puerto Rico.

To all my brothers and sisters, Puerto Rico has a new Sheriff in town; his name is Mr. Emilio Díaz Colón. The new Sheriff expressed that his is not planning to make radical changes; but that he will reach out to communities in general. He mentioned specifically his desire to see the involvement of the religious community. Please be in prayer for this man.


Short Up-Date From Puerto Rico

Hello everyone, just a short note to let you guys know that I am having a great time here in Puerto Rico. Already gained four pounds; food is so good, but so lethal! I will be posting photos soon on my blog and  on my Facebook page. This is indeed perfect timing; on my return to Florida on July 21, I only have a week or so to get ready to move back to North Carolina. I can’t wait to start this new chapter in my life as the Lord take me to higher levels in my personal relationship with Him, as a father, as a minister and as a soon to be, husband. God bless you all and keep reading!