A Call For Boricuas and People in General to Pray For Puerto Rico

         Recently the New York Times published the following article concerning the alarming numbers of murders in Puerto Rico:

“So far this year, there have been 525 murders in Puerto Rico, a number that is outpacing last year’s 983 homicides, the second-highest ever, and the 995 in 1994. New York City, with a population a bit over twice that of Puerto Rico, reported 199 murders through the middle of this month, with a total of 536 in 2010.” To continue please click here: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/21/us/21crime.html By LIZETTE ALVAREZ Published: June 20, 2011

Even as I left Puerto Rico and moved to Jacksonville, Florida twenty years ago and even as, at times, I have tried to emotionally disconnect myself from what is going on in my island, it is next to impossible to do so. I am Puerto Rican and I dearly love my country.

Affected by these alarming and discouraging numbers, I felt the impulse in my spirit to search for some answers. I started with our original name as a nation “Boriken.” The meaning of this word is very prophetic indeed, Boriken means: “the great land of the valiant and noble Lord”. This word is from where we get the word: “Boricua”. Even as we know that our Indians did not serve the true God Jehovah; I am convinced that God allowed this name to be our original name for a reason.

The name of the god of Puerto Rico, then known as Boriken or Borinquen, was a reflection of the character of the people. A great example of this truth is that the name “Taíno” was given by Columbus to our Indians when he met some native men and they said “Taíno, Taíno”, meaning “We are good and noble people“; Columbus thought that Taíno was the name of the people and therefore he named them that way.

As I study these definitions I found that in Boriken we had people that were valiant or courageous. Can we doubt the courage of the Puerto Rican people? Do you know that Puerto Rico, a little island of about one hundred miles from east to west and about thirty five miles from north to south is on record as the third nation with the most World Champions in the history of Boxing? Do you know the courage of the Puerto Rican soldier who, by the way, has fought for this country in every major war in the last one hundred years? Puerto Ricans are indeed brave people! However, we must also emphasize the noble aspect of our nature as a nation. The word Noble means: “Having or showing qualities of high moral character, such as courage, generosity, or honor.”



            We as a nation are call to be courageous and noble people. Every time we call our fellow brother “Boricua” we are declaring his/her courage and his/her noble character.  So what is happening now? The Devil is taking our courage away as people seems to be terrified of reporting a crime. People are dying, getting killed in our streets and witnesses are being silent. Can you believe that? A Puerto Rican being silent?

We continue to move further and further from the principals of God; the church is divided, the Gospel is being compromised and the love is diminishing. Just as the Taíno Indians were eliminated in less than one hundred years by the hands of the abuses of Spain, our nation is being overtaken by Satan by the voices of intimidation through the Drug Lords. Corruption continues to grow in our island as Government continues to either turn their heads away or in many cases, forming a part of such crimes.

I am calling Boricuas and people in general to Pray for our nation! I believe God for a noticeable reduction of the statistical bloodshed of my nation. I am calling Puerto Ricans to pray for a Government cleanup and for God to give us a Godly Leader. I am calling Puerto Ricans to report crimes and to not allow Satan to silence their voices. Our God is mighty and He is greater than any drug lord.

Boricuas, rise up and fight the good fight! Boricuas, rise up and be courageous and noble! The blood of our Taíno fathers is crying out as loud as the blood of our children that are getting killed today in our streets. Let’s come against the spirit that is behind the gangs and domestic violence and let’s bring this nation back to the cross. For the sake of the Taíno, for the sake of the African Slaves, and for the glory of God, let’s declare our nation, a nation that belongs to Jesus. In Jesus Name!


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