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Spiritual Independence Day: Do You Know How Free You are?

“Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” (2 Cor 3:17)

How can our Christianity be described by whatever happens on Sunday mornings? The reason why Sundays are spiritually dead is not because “they” are spiritually dead, but because WE are spiritually dead. The reason many pastors are getting away with heresy is because we don’t study the Bible. We become satisfied with just taking what the man or woman of God is saying as true. Our own laziness set the stage for our Sunday morning “funerals.”

     Do you have a problem with the way your church worships? You don’t like the style of music? Perhaps these are the wrong questions. The right question in my opinion is: Who is stopping you from worshipping at home? Who is stopping you from having this thing we call church in the living room of your house? I guarantee you, that when you make your Christianity personal, when you are having family devotion, when you are praying together, ministering to one another as you allow the gift of the Spirit to flow at home, our Sunday morning experience will become more fulfilling.

     I guess what I’m trying to say is if you want to preach and teach, start at home. I guess what I’m trying to say is if you have a heart for souls, go and tell people about Jesus. Do you not know that nobody can stop you from preaching the gospel? No police officer, no president, no judge, and no pastor can stop you from telling people about Jesus.  Did you not read the book of Acts?

     What are you waiting for: for seminary, for an ordination? It is sad to say, but there are many pastors who want to control and manipulate their congregations. Perhaps, some are jealous of you, terrified that the people will like you more than them. Insecure leaders can be massive weapons of destruction in the manifestation of the gift of God in the local churches. The spirit of control and manipulation is indeed witchcraft.

     I feel very strongly in my spirit, especially as we celebrate another Fourth of July, that God is saying “Go, you are free!” When we get a deeper understanding that whatever happens on Sunday mornings should not determine how we feel as Christians, we will be able to have a deeper celebration of how free we really are in the Spirit.

     Have church at home. Not that you need to stop attending church as we know it, but as you bring the Lord home and the move of the Spirit in the intimacy of your home, you will see our leaders in the body of Christ losing control. This may sound like a negative thing but as they lose control then the Holy Spirit will be in place to take control. Beloved, that’s the place of the anointing: the anointing that breaks the yoke, the anointing that can truly change us from the inside out. Beloved, as the Holy Spirit takes control of our lives, He will also take control of our Sunday morning experience and we will be seated in a place of revival where people will come from the north, from the south, from the east, and from the west. We are a nation free to worship God. Today I pray that you celebrate, not only the political freedom of this nation, but also that you embrace YOUR Spiritual Independence Day.

2 responses to “Spiritual Independence Day: Do You Know How Free You are?”

  1. Today as the worship team sang, more love, more power, more of HIm in our lives, I bowed down right there in the row and began to weep. When you began to say more love for others, more of our great God’s character, the Spirit was all over me. Now the weeping went to big sobbing and overflowing gratitude. Throwing myself on the altar and thanking Jesus for freedom and even for the struggle, seemed insufficient and unable to convey the deep joy and excellence of my rewarding loss of control :). Glory to God in the highest!


    1. Elizabeth, all I can say is amen and glory to God! Sent with Verizon Mobile Email


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