We Will Never Be Free Until We Forgive!

Do we still have racism in the great United States of America? Absolutely, it is sad to admit this truth. The reality is that racism exists all over the world; racism is a demonic spirit, indeed. In America, we have come a long way. We must not forget that the freedom that we enjoy today is the direct result of the prayers of many of our slave fathers and mothers.


For us as Christians to continue to carry un-forgiveness in our hearts against “The White Man” is a direct slap in the face to our own history. Even as the demonic spirit of racism is still alive and well today, no demon in hell can stop you or me from doing what we are called to do for God’s glory. It is time to stop the excuses, go after God with all of our hearts, take our education seriously, get out of the ghetto and the ghetto mentality, stop the violence amongst ourselves, stop cursing one another with the ‘N” word and it is time to embrace our freedom.


Can you hear the songs of liberation in the midst of the brutality of slavery? Can you listen to the sermons that revolutionized this nation and brought forward a revival that changed the political spectrum of this nation? Or do you think that the civil war just happened? Why dwell on another man’s bondage of racism when I can be free to forgive him and to be all that God wants me to be?


Do you remember a man by the name of Joseph back in the book of Genesis? His suffering gave his nation four hundred years of freedom and prosperity; how much more do you think is awaiting us for the suffering of a whole nation (Africa)?


God is proposing today that we love HIM above all things and our neighbor as we love ourselves. God is proposing that we forgive those that trespasses against us and also God is proposing that we take a good look, in spite of the injustices committed against us, at the nastiness of our own heart, for the Bible says in Romans 3:10


“As it is written, there is none righteous, no, not one.”


Beloved, that includes you and me. We will never be free if we refuse to forgive! Close your ears to those that continue to dwell in racism and refuse to embrace the freedom and accountability that we have in God. Many of our Civil Rights Advocates, who also call themselves “Reverence,” are doing nothing but enslaving their own people. Suffering is not an excuse or a free ticket for us to leave as if everybody owns us something. The just and the unrighteous, both, are accountable to God and God will judge both according to His Word and not according to our temporary circumstances while on this earth.

One thought on “We Will Never Be Free Until We Forgive!

  1. Matters are not helped by asserting that the oppression of Black people is a combination of racial and national oppressions for this is merely an admission of analytic failure disguised as a melange of analytic profundity. Be that as it may the Old Lefts effort differs from the usual school of this current in that it has seriously attempted to demonstrate a purportedly objective historical reality for the transposition of the race question into a national question.


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