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Anointed AND Dedicated By Doctor Rayette Pollard and Pastor Angel Casiano

Do you take your gift for granted or do you nourish it so you can bless the kingdom of God? Are you waiting for the Lord to drop a gift in your lap like manna? If so, then you are definitely working with it like the Israelites did with manna! Many think they simply popped manna into their mouths like popcorn, but Num 11:7-8 tells us otherwise. DON’T BE LAZY! Work with the gifts the Lord gives you. Matt 25:14-30.

If you are a musician, it’s not a violation of your faith to rehearse. If you are a praise dancer, working on technique is not a sin. The secular world spends countless hours preparing to perform for human beings and their own glory. How much more should we, the people of God, prepare to minister to church body and the God that created the heavens and the earth? Talent plus dedication brings forth great entertainment. Talent plus dedication plus the anointing of God brings forth a life changing experience.

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