Month: July 2011

Las Cosas Están Malas en Puerto Rico Nos Dice la Comay

Las cosas están malas en Puerto Rico nos dice la Condesa del Bochinche. Las Noticias televisivas hacen eco de los gritos de terror en nuestras calles. Los periódicos describen como poesía los asesinatos en nuestras esquinas. Los fotógrafos, cada vez más gráficamente, nos dan los retratos que nos dicen más de lo que nos pueden decir mil palabras. En la radio todo es un chiste, una comedia interminable con precio de sangre.

We Will Never Be Free Until We Forgive!

Can you hear the songs of liberation in the midst of the brutality of slavery? Can you listen to the sermons that revolutionized this nation and brought forward a revival that changed the political spectrum of this nation? Or do you think that the civil war just happened? Why dwell on another man’s bondage of racism when I can be free to forgive him and to be all that God wants me to be?

A Call For Boricuas and People in General to Pray For Puerto Rico

Recently the New York Times published the following article concerning the alarming numbers of murders in Puerto Rico:

“So far this year, there have been 525 murders in Puerto Rico, a number that is outpacing last year’s 983 homicides, the second-highest ever, and the 995 in 1994. New York City, with a population a bit over twice that of Puerto Rico, reported 199 murders through the middle of this month, with a total of 536 in 2010.” To continue please click here: By LIZETTE ALVAREZ Published: June 20, 2011