Mr. Angel Casiano’s Martial Arts Biography

It was in Jacksonville where he began his Martial Arts career. Mr. Casiano studied with great Martial Arts instructors such as Master Anthony Arnett. With Sifu Arnett, Mr. Casiano was introduced to Wing Chun. Sifu Arnett created a Martial
Arts Style he named “Cheung Style Wing Chun”; a style that Mr. Casiano proudly and successfully represented in full contact Kickboxing Competition. Mr. Casiano also briefly studied Shotokan with Master Bryan Porter and many other respectful instructors and lovers of the art.


Ahoskie? But the Lord is saying: “Yes, Ahoskie!”

Fathers…It Starts With You!!!!!

If you are called to be fathers in the ministry, you better start getting down and dirty as Jesus did. Your kids are not going to learn on their own; don’t get mad when they totally screw up because you were so, busy texting and tweeting that you ignored the power of spending face to face time with him/her.

Taking a Closer Look at The Baptism of The Holy Spirit Part 4

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is key in all aspects, but vital in the ministry of music. I strongly believe that God’s musicians and singers are more than just entertainers; I strongly believe that God’s musicians and singers ought to be some of the most powerful people walking this earth right now. I am also taking a risk by saying that as musicians and singers, we are being attracted by Secular Music to the point that we have lost our intimacy with God; therefore, we are no longer seeking heaven for new music, sounds, songs, styles, melodies, etc. We are looking at the world and we are always a few steps behind in creativity.

Taking a Closer Look at The Baptism of The Holy Spirit Part 3

Many churches across America are dead; there is no Fire, no Presence of God, no anointing…nothing supernatural! People are bored to death of the same songs, Sunday after Sunday; the same prepackaged sermons with such display of history, Greek and Hebrew knowledge, but no anointing that would break the yoke out of people’s lives. We have substituted God’s glory for great buildings, fund raisers, networking and programs.

Taking a Closer Look at The Baptism of The Holy Spirit Part 1

Pastors have indeed, become business men and experts in fund raising activities and networking. They are praying very little, they are worshipping very little; and yet, they are out there doing a million things on their own strength. Many of us can do great and mighty things on our own strength; even as those abilities were giving by God.