Update from N.C. Starting as A Worship Leader

It may not be a big deal for many, the fact that this Sunday August 14, 2011 I start serving my brothers and sisters at The Carpenter’s Shop as their Worship Leader together with my lovely future wife Rayette as our Musical Director. However, for me is very significant! It was in that church five and half year ago that we held my late wife’s funeral. I later returned to Jacksonville to remarried and endup divorced. So much has happend since that funeral; so much has happend since the last day I saw Ileana. But now God has indeed open this door and I am excited to see what the Lord is about to do there. I am also very excited to continue to see my son Angelo involved side by side with me in a Worship Team. We started that journey at The Hispanic Church of God in Jacksonville and I have seen my son mature as a young man, as a musician and as a powerful anointed singer…So proud of him! I am also so honored to serve a group of such faithful, talented and anointed worship leaders at The Carpenter’s Shop; you guys are indeed an amazing group! There is so much to do here in North Carolina, so many people in need of ministry, so much that I want to do right away, but I am so glad that I am in the right place. God bless you all!