Coming Against the “Because I am Black” -Syndrome

“Word given to me by the Holy Spirit on this day of
Wednesday August 10, 2011”


the Lord is saying: “For how long are you going to keep your bitterness? How
long are you going to keep your bitterness? For my hand is upon you. For, I
desire to do great and mighty things to you and through you. For, my Word says
that “the last shall be first” and I desire
to use you mightily in the great harvest of souls that is coming to this
nation. For, I have been preparing you through great suffering; through great
pain. For, you have suffered the rejection and the pain that my Son suffered
when He was on this earth. For, I am preparing you to identify yourself and to
become familiar with pain. Not only that I desire to use you in a mighty way
for a great harvest of souls, but I desire to use you mightily in the
restoration of my servants that have moved away from the faith. I have given
you great gifts in music, I have given you great gifts in the preaching of my
Word and I am adding yet, more substance. I am adding yet, more anointing, but
you must get out of your box; of your traditions to be locked-in one particular
rhythm, to be locked-in one particular way. For, I desire to use you so, that
you’ll be able to reach ALL people here in the United States. The hurt will
find comfort in you and the lost souls will find a comfortable place where they
can give their lives to the Lord Jesus. But, you are stuck in the “because I am black” -syndrome. You are
stuck in listening to false prophets that continue to gain great wealth
promoting division. The reality of my truth has not changed; righteous is righteous,
unrighteous is unrighteous and I will judge your unrighteous ways. For, you
have justified your unrighteous ways based on the sufferings of the past. But,
My Word does not change, for I afflicted you and I will continue to afflict you
until I get out of you the heart that I want to get out of you. There is urgency
in my Spirit, for I need in these last days, I need you to give your heart totally, to Me. For, I
continue to listen to the prayers of the slaves; for, I continue to listen to
their songs. There is an anointing that rests on you that comes from My throne.
Powerful, Powerful, for these the last days! And, I will use you not only to
finally set your own people free, but I will use you to go and get your white
brothers and sisters that desperately need at this hour. For, the last shall be
first,” says the Lord. “For, the enemy has come against you; especially against
you Afro-American men; for, the enemy has used a word, a word to curse you, a
word to keep you bound and a word that you keep repeating among yourself; the “N”
word stinks in My nostrils. For, that is not what I created you to be. Curses
have come to your people and you continue cursing one another. And, I say it is
time to stop, it is time to stop, it is time to stop the “because I am black” -syndrome.
Come back to me, return to me, for I have a great purpose for you; I have a
great assignment for you; an assignment that is greater than any other
assignment that you have had before. Come to me,” says the Lord! “For, I am not
raising you to work for the white man; but I am raising you to work side-by-side
with the white man. For, the world will see the statistics showing My glory
amongst you. For, their will be a great decrease of black men in prison, there
will be a great decrease in black-on-black crime. For, I will show my glory in
the statistics and I will get the glory. It will not be Civil Rights
Organizations, it will not be worthless nonprofit organizations that do not
recognize My power; it will be Me doing it in the hearts of my black sons and
daughters,” says the Lord. “I am opening your heart to see beyond Africa; for I
am preparing you to have a heart for all the nations of the world. For, you
will sing one day that it was good that you were afflicted. You will see My
justice, you will see My power, My redemptive power in your life. For, I saw
your slavery and I saw all the ones that enslaved you; but, just like when Joseph
went through great pain and great tribulation and I brought him back to provide
four hundred years of peace amongst the children of Israel; I have anointed you
for a greater power. For, you have sowed much pain, much suffering, much
humiliation, but I will avenge the blood of every black man in the Unites States.
For, I saw each person that was hanged, I saw each person that was burned just
because of the color of their skin. I saw the cry of the woman and the terror
of your children, and I, and only I, will bring justice. But, I am preparing
you like gold, like gold! Open your eyes for the things that I will show you,
open your ears for the things that I will tell you. Do not limit yourselves, do
not limit yourselves all men and all women of dark color; for I have not forgotten
you. And I will prepare you and get you ready and I will use you in a mighty,
mighty way with signs, wonders, great healings, and angelic
visitations. I will anoint you with music, with music that has never been
heard before and I will place you side-by-side with my Hispanic sons and
daughters who have also been rejected, who have also been ignored and you will
be a mighty, mighty team. Get ready, get ready! But, you must get rid of your bitterness;
it is your bitterness that is holding you back. It is your bitterness against
the white man; it is your bitterness against one another. It is your own
arrogance that is holding you back. The pain that you went through does not
justify your behaviors; it does not justify your stinky attitude. So, I the
Lord, I am dealing with you because I love you.” Says the Lord! “Cloth
yourselves with humility, cloth yourselves with humility, cloth yourselves with
forgiveness, cloth yourselves with humility, cloth yourselves with forgiveness;
and a great door will be opened, a door that can’t be close by men.

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