First Day Leading Worship Video!

Roughly six years ago I stood in that very church, The Carpenter’s Shop
in Ahoskie in my late wife Ileana’s funeral. How amazing that today I stand as
the new Worship Leader of that ministry alone side my lovely and future wife
Rayette Pollard. That is the God that I serve; a God of discipline, mercy and
restoration. I am so excited! I hope you enjoy this video that capture some powerful
moments during that service!

2 thoughts on “First Day Leading Worship Video!

  1. Congratulations Angel!!

    So happy that God has blest your life “again!”. Remember when you were in the valley, so to speak, and you just had to trust God? Nothing seemed to go right, but behind it all, God was smiling. Why? Because, He saw, what was to COME. I think what we need to do is go back “mentally” to the time when we were experiencing those deep trials ( remember your “tough time?”) and then see how God has blest us. We tend to forget this. Then, we can REALLY SEE how God really really did remain faithful.

    Now God is saying, “SEE? I told you so. I did not leave you”.

    God is so huge that we cannot see all of Him, and also so small that we cannot perceive his perfect presence even in the smallest of cells. What a great God we serve.

    May God bless your love, hearts and future life together. If new trials come, don’t fear. God is saying the same thing to you now, ” I have already provided ahead of time for you, for these new trials to come. Just like before, I will remain perfectly faithful”.

    In Christ love, Helen


    1. You are such a blessing and such an amazing writter! Glory to God! Thank you so much for this word and this reminder! God bless you and your family forever more!


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