Taking a Closer Look at The Baptism of The Holy Spirit Part 5

“A Look at the Attack Against the Prophetic Sound”

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is designed by God to
change us. The manifestation of the gift of prophesies will change us. We can
clearly see that Christian music carried an unbelievable responsibility. All
these great Prophets spoke the Word of God as they listened to musical
instruments being played in a skillful and anointed way. But it is sad to say
that in many churches, the Musical Worship is limited to a few songs; if
anybody dares to sing too loud, to expand the song too much, to jazz the music
up, to explore other styles or to say anything other than what the song is
saying, we are frowned upon. We are locked in a one fast song, two slow songs,
the offering and here comes the Man of God with the Word, routine. Musical
Worship, in many churches, is annoying to hear. It gets worse when the pastor
doesn’t have any understanding or ear for music and even worse when he is
completely insensitive to the move of the Spirit. What do we have left; some
dry-behind service where people are bored to death and the Spirit is not
allowed to move freely?

But, get ready, for many will be truly baptized in the
Holy Spirit and the Fire of God will burn everything that is not of God in
their lives as individuals and in our churches. Get ready, for God is releasing
new music to the Body of Christ for whosoever seeks Him. The music will be
beautiful, it will be powerful, it will be played skillfully, it will be
anointed and it will carry the healing power of God’s Word. May the Lord
baptize us, over and over; in the baptizing of fire, let us all speak in
tongues for our own edification; but, let us all prophesy for the edification
of the Body.





4 responses to “Taking a Closer Look at The Baptism of The Holy Spirit Part 5”

  1. That which you have long awaited is at hand. You have stood firm and continued to seek My face. For this you will be blessed. It is standing in the face of oppression and struggle that carries you through. I have heard your cries and your prayers. It is time.


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