Ahoskie? But the Lord is saying: “Yes, Ahoskie!”

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As I write these lines, we are within
hours of getting hit by a possible, Category One hurricane here in North
Carolina. Just a few days ago, we felt the earth tremble; I was in Ahoskie
speaking with some friends when I felt the building shake. Here in Gates County,
we have been waking up to heavy smoke as we have been battling a fire nearby.

As I think about these three
expressions of nature, I feel that God is really trying to tell us something.
No doubt that the church in this region is about to be shaken; what is not real
will not stand. I am convinced that God’s next move is not going to be
recognized as coming forth from one particular church or ministry; God’s next
move is going to be regional.
The fires are announcing a true release of a sharp Spirit of prophesy in this region; for the Bible tells us
in1 Thessalonians 5:19–20


“Do not put out the
Spirit’s fire; do not treat prophecies with contempt.”

We still have a hurricane out
there and that hurricane is coming to blow away whatever is not built out of
God’s strong foundation. Manmade religion will be released into the air where
it belongs and we will be hungry for God’s glory. Get ready, for the glory of
God is about to be manifested in this region like never before. Ahoskie will be
the headquarters of this move. This revival will be unique, just as Ahoskie is
unique. The city of Ahoskie is also known by the nickname “The Only One,” because there is no other
area in the world with that name. Just like God’s next move! Worshippers and musicians
will be in tune with the Spirit, for new songs and sounds will be released in
this region that will go forth like a wild fire all around the world. Many will
say in that day: Ahoskie? But the Lord is saying: “Yes, Ahoskie!”

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