Fathers…It Starts With You!!!!!

All technology is created by God.
All technology that facilitates communication with e-mails, texts, Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Networks are true, created by God to bring us, as Christians, together and for us to assault the god of the air.  However, I want to sound the trumpet about
something that I am seeing more and more.

Even as we have smartphones, e-mail,
texting, Facebook, and Twitter thing, we are becoming a very impersonal
generation. We see people walking around like robots looking at their phones
and no longer at each other. It seems as if our children rather text than
hold a face-to-face conversation. This, however, is not my concern. My
concern is that many pastors are using these kinds of technology as a substitute
for true discipleship. They actually think that through blogs, Facebook,
Twitter, e-mails, texting, and others; are actually pastoring somebody’s

No doubt that we can
minister through these forms of technology; I know I do through my blog angelcasiano.com and through Facebook, but that is
just one of many ways that we can minister life into people’s hearts. However,
the way to disciple continues to be the same. Jesus ministered spiritual fatherhood by sharing his
life with twelve men. I have news for you brother; you who call yourself an Apostle;
sending texts is nice, writing deep spiritual thoughts on Facebook is great,
and having your own blog is an amazing adventure; however, none of those activities
make you a Spiritual Father. Look at it this way; can you raise your children
if, even as you can see and be with them, you just texted them, wrote them
beautiful messages on Facebook, or tweeted them all day long? Think about it!

If you are called to be a father
in the ministry, you better start getting down and dirty as Jesus did. Your
kids are not going to learn on their own; don’t get mad when they totally screw
up because you were so, busy texting and tweeting that you ignored the power of
spending face-to-face time with him/her. It is one thing to affect the air and
shine some light in such darkness; the other to be so, lazy by limiting your
paternal duties to a few lines.

“He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and
the hearts of the children to their fathers; or else I will come and strike the
land with a curse.” (Malachi 4:6)

Fathers…It starts with you!!!!!
Stop the excuses, stop criticizing your children. As you turn your heart
towards your children, they will turn their hearts towards you, but most of
all, towards God.

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