I am so grateful for God’s Grace and Mercy! Today I ask Rayette to marry me and she said: “YESSSSSS!” Thank you Lord; you are truly a God that turns things around.


Beloved, You may be facing a dark season in your life; I tell you today, don’t give up…God is with you and He will turn things around for you. I don’t teach that we be irresponsible in our walk; but I must say that God was faithful, even when I was unfaithful; He was loving, even when I was totally unloving; He came after me with His arms of love, even when I found myself running from Him. He did not give up, even as I threw in the towel.


I can’t wait to marry you Rayette…I love you so much my love! You are no longer just a girl friend, you are now my Fiancée…Mi Novia de Compromiso…Mi Prometida. J