Back in Uniform!

Photos taken by my daughter Ileana.

I did not even consider going back to teaching Martial Arts. All I wanted to do was to minister, get married and start an exciting new chapter in my life. I knew I did not want to go back to Social Work, but I was obviously willing. After finding out that there was no money in my new job as part of the pastoral service I asked myself: What in the world am I going to do? With three children of my own and three more daughters from my fiancee, a job is not only ethical, but a great need.

The doors opened to work construction with a local company; it was tough; I have not worked that hard in years! That job helped me in two ways:

1. To start getting in shape.

2. To be willing to do something else. God has a way of getting you fed up with what you are doing to facilitate the surrendering of your will for HIS.

Photos taken by my daughter Ileana.

One day I was working on building a fence; it was hot and I was tired! I then heard the voice of the Lord saying that Donna was going to call so that I could teach her children Martial Arts again. A few years ago, when I was a pastor in North Carolina, I had a short season where I taught a small group of precious people: among that group were Donna and her children. Apparently, I left a positive impression on her. Two hours later, Donna called; I knew then that God was in it. September 10, 2011 marks my return to the teaching of Martial Arts. I feel HIS grace, His presence and the excitement of teaching again.

Today, October 6, 2011 is the first time I wear a Karate uniform in over five years.

                                     Photos taken by my daughter Ileana.

Update From North Carolina; When God is in It!!!

Hello everyone, I am not going to be officially writing until October 13, but with so much happening I must write a small personal note to let you guys know what is going on in my life. People many times say that when something is of God, everything should be smooth and with no problems; I think that is the exact opposite. When God is in it, expect hell to resist you with doubt, discouragement and feelings of giving up.

Coming to North Carolina, as I said before, started with much confusion. It has being tough. My relationship with Rayette was tested from the very beginning as we faced very uncomfortable circumstances in this region. One day I will be able to speak and expand more on this. The good thing is that today more than ever, Rayette and I are convinced of our love and commitment to one another. We, without a doubt, are enjoying a tested relationship. Our wedding is almost set for November; we are working on a few details. I will be announcing the exact date, place and time very soon.

I am already confirmed to start teaching at The Gates County Community Center and at Ahoskie Christian School. Also, I will be teaching The Gates County Homeschool Group. This program is growing by the day and opportunities continue to expand. Business License, Federal Tax ID and bank Account are already in place for this exciting journey.

I am no longer working construction; that job ran out immediately after this Program started expanding. God knew that I needed the time to do the many things I am doing now! God bless you all!

Love you all!

Angel Casiano