Back in Uniform!

Photos taken by my daughter Ileana.

I did not even consider going back to teaching Martial Arts. All I wanted to do was to minister, get married and start an exciting new chapter in my life. I knew I did not want to go back to Social Work, but I was obviously willing. After finding out that there was no money in my new job as part of the pastoral service I asked myself: What in the world am I going to do? With three children of my own and three more daughters from my fiancee, a job is not only ethical, but a great need.

The doors opened to work construction with a local company; it was tough; I have not worked that hard in years! That job helped me in two ways:

1. To start getting in shape.

2. To be willing to do something else. God has a way of getting you fed up with what you are doing to facilitate the surrendering of your will for HIS.

Photos taken by my daughter Ileana.

One day I was working on building a fence; it was hot and I was tired! I then heard the voice of the Lord saying that Donna was going to call so that I could teach her children Martial Arts again. A few years ago, when I was a pastor in North Carolina, I had a short season where I taught a small group of precious people: among that group were Donna and her children. Apparently, I left a positive impression on her. Two hours later, Donna called; I knew then that God was in it. September 10, 2011 marks my return to the teaching of Martial Arts. I feel HIS grace, His presence and the excitement of teaching again.

Today, October 6, 2011 is the first time I wear a Karate uniform in over five years.

                                     Photos taken by my daughter Ileana.

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