Update From North Carolina; When God is in It!!!

Hello everyone, I am not going to be officially writing until October 13, but with so much happening I must write a small personal note to let you guys know what is going on in my life. People many times say that when something is of God, everything should be smooth and with no problems; I think that is the exact opposite. When God is in it, expect hell to resist you with doubt, discouragement and feelings of giving up.

Coming to North Carolina, as I said before, started with much confusion. It has being tough. My relationship with Rayette was tested from the very beginning as we faced very uncomfortable circumstances in this region. One day I will be able to speak and expand more on this. The good thing is that today more than ever, Rayette and I are convinced of our love and commitment to one another. We, without a doubt, are enjoying a tested relationship. Our wedding is almost set for November; we are working on a few details. I will be announcing the exact date, place and time very soon.

I am already confirmed to start teaching at The Gates County Community Center and at Ahoskie Christian School. Also, I will be teaching The Gates County Homeschool Group. This program is growing by the day and opportunities continue to expand. Business License, Federal Tax ID and bank Account are already in place for this exciting journey.

I am no longer working construction; that job ran out immediately after this Program started expanding. God knew that I needed the time to do the many things I am doing now! God bless you all!

Love you all!

Angel Casiano

5 responses to “Update From North Carolina; When God is in It!!!”

  1. “Therefore, my brothers, you whom I love and long for, my joy and crown, stand firm in the Lord in this way, dear friends!” (Philippians 4:1) This strong admonition by Paul is my prayer for you, Angel. Stand firm in the Lord! The circumstances of the world, the condition of your family, the reality of your approaching marriage, the daily confusion in North Carolina – all of these can easily lead you to despair and convince you that we are the sad victims of circumstances. But Jesus looks at these events in a radically different way. He calls them opportunities to witness! And He reminds us that we do not belong to this world. We have been sent into the world to be living witnesses of God’s unconditional love, calling all people to look beyond the passing circumstances of our temporary existence to the eternal life promised to us. Love you pal, Dennis (Hos 6:3)


      • All is well with my soul, but it sounds like you had another test. It is clear from the life of Abraham that God revisits our faith. It’s not enough in the God-human relationship for us to say, “Ten years ago I promised to follow Jesus.” That’s necessary, but it’s not the whole story. God keeps coming back to make sure our faith is “current.” Without this, faith can become assumption, and assumption can become presumption. Looking forward to all that the future holds for you and your precious family. Keep kicking!


  2. It was great meeting you today. Thank you for considering homeschoolers to the extent that you are. Truly answer to prayer! I really look forward to classes for my boys. Thank you for dedicating your time and putting God first in all this because I know my boys will have a great sensai to look up to.


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