Don’t Let Me Go!


Liberate me, oh God, from the chains of the voices of injustice and the voices of reason. For not everything is true, but some indeed is. The uncomfortable voices of judgment are always ready to sing the songs of condemnation and not many rise up in times of trouble.


The closer I get to the Master the more I see how worthless I am without Him. Issues of the heart are always present before me as trophies of great failures and as mountains of shame. I feel the light of God shining brutally on me and I see all the spots on my heart; I have yet to be spotless oh precious God! I am an empty image; a song without a melody, a night without stars and life without the sun. The waters of my river are stagnant without HIM; I see myself so far away from my purpose. Help me Lord!


Hold me and don’t let me go, for without you I am nothing. There must be a better way; there must be something I am missing, for I am the chief of all sinners even after all I know. Alone I find myself and unable to move on from the embarrassment of my chains. I thought I learned that one, I thought I learned this other one, but I am humbled by my constant failures. I want to be holy, but, do I really? I question the motives of my deceitful heart. For I do those things that I desire not in my spirit man and I don’t do those things I should.


When is it going to be over? When can I say that I made it? Help me Lord and don’t let me go!  Increase Your Fire in my life; transform me violently and don’t hold back; do whatever it takes to mold me to be what you want me to be.

As a new day starts, here in the beauty of a North Carolina country-land, my heart is filled with hope; my life is filled with purpose…God is transforming me! Tears and laughter will always come, success and failure are constantly dancing together; but may faith and trust in God rule! God will finish the work He started in me and in you. Do it Lord and don’t let me go!

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