Worship Leaders: Are You Listening?

I was talking to my son the other day about Christian music. For the most part, I found most music in our churches to be extremely boring. When was the last time the church brought forth a new revolutionary sound to the earth? Jazz, Latin Jazz, Reggaton and many other styles were birth out of the heart of secular music. Then, we come right behind them and place “Christian” in front of their music. I told my son that somewhere down the line we became lazy and stopped listening to the sounds of heaven. Heaven has not run out of music. Our best music is nothing compared to the sounds of heaven! So, it is time to listen!

Many pastors and church folk have found it acceptable to put down Christian musicians that are striving to present Godly music in a more excellent way. They call these kinds of Christians, “show -offs.” In the process, their churches are filled with music that is totally dead. They find it “okay” to study twenty hours a week to give us a prepackaged, un-anointed message full of information, yet lack the power as they reject even a small variation of our Sunday Music torture. God is able to hear the heart, but He is God, we are not. Furthermore, we are forced to put up with music that is “off key” and presented in the most unprofessional and insulting manner. To do music you must be talented and possess that gift. It is not for everyone.

This is an hour when God is dealing with Christian musicians and singers. The fire of God has fallen upon us and HE is exposing and burning the trash out of our souls. We are becoming clean vessels for His glory and He is about to pour out His Spirit, preparing our hearts for the sounds that He is about to release. Oh yes, in our brokenness and the shame of our sins being exposed; God is cleansing, humbling, preparing, equipping and forming true love in our hearts. We are listening again. The conditions of many of our own lives have forced us to take a second look at our own Christianity: to question ourselves and understand that there must be more. Many of us can no longer hide! While others brag about their little achievements in the flesh and exalt their filthy rags, others will know, as a revelation, how nothing we are and how everything God is. In our brokenness we will be terrified to take God’s glory…He will get the glory!

I know in my own life, there is great cleansing taking place! I have felt hopeless. I have felt like it’s truly over for me, that I am truly disqualified; but the Lord is saying to me and you…“No, for I am preparing you, says the Lord, for something so great, something so awesome that will transform music. The Body of Christ is waking up!” Are you listening? We, as Christian musicians have been satisfied with entertaining, but we will take our role as ministers that will carry God’s anointed like no other people on this earth. We will carry the anointing that will break the yoke out of people. Oh yes, for there was a time when musicians and singers provided the melodies and songs that inspired what we know today as the Word of God: prophecies that are still burning in the wings of time. We know the writers, but we don’t understand that there was a singer, a musician, a mighty warrior that sang and played his instrument “skillfully” before the Lord as the prophet wrote the transforming Word that is still changing lives today. Are you listening?

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