Month: December 2011

Miserable Ministers

Stop wasting your time; stop believing the lie that tells you this is the way it’s supposed to be; it’s a lie that demonizes you if you even question the way things are being done in your local church. It is time to stop being miserable ministers and step into the joy of your Master; even as you face challenges, even as you engage in great battles, even as it gets bloody and nasty at times, the joy of the Lord is your strength to continue this fight of faith and to finish the race that God has for you.

Who We Are As People, Who We Are as Churches! Part 5

This is a representation of many denominations that act as if their gift to speak tongues places them above others. They can’t just tell you something, they must add all of the homiletic techniques they learned in their dead seminaries. This church is filled with what many identify as spiritual arrogance. They place a great deal of emphasis in the gifts of the Spirit, or at least that is what they think; so they strive to move with such gifts during their Sunday services.