First Rank Testing


Today was indeed a historical day for Good Fight Taekwondo and Kickboxing Academy. Today was our first official Belt Ranking Test. My sincere congratulations for the four students that became a vital part of our short history; your hard work, dedication and humility brought you to this point.

From left to right:


Alexander Summer: This young man came into our program with no previous martial art experience; however he is one of the hardest working students I have. Congratulations on achieving your Yellow Belt Ranking.


Amy Holloway: Amy came into our program with a Purple Belt in Karate and today she earned her Yellow Belt Rank with us. Amy is one of my students from Ahoskie Christian; I know that with her humility, intelligence and hard work she will go far in life.


Dillon Lowe: Dillon was my students a few years ago for a short period of time as I returned to Florida. This time around he became our first official student; he is also our only adult student. Dillon has shown a remarkable progress and I am looking forward to see this young man become a Black Belt and be use by God to teach others, not only Martial Arts, but a way of life according to our Lord Jesus Christ.


Angelo Casiano: This is my son and currently my original highest rank. Angelo is a Brown Belt who started in Martial Arts with me several years ago in Jacksonville, Florida. Angelo is also my Assistant and a tremendous help for me and this program. We are looking forward to see him become our first Black Belt next year. Thank you son, for all you do!


Angel Casiano: Me


Corey Groh: Corey came into our school with a Blue Belt in a previous Martial Art school. No doubt that Corey is a hard working Martial Artist. From day one I became very impress with this young man’s maturity, his great display of respect for our program and humility. I hope to see Corey become one of our Instructors some years from now!



May God bless you all and continue to give you the grace to do what you do,



Angel Casiano

Third Degree Black Belt

President/Founder of

Good Fight taekwondo and Kickboxing Academy


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