Merry Christmas Friends!

Christmas is not about Santa Claus, what gift one can get, what gift one got, the stress of shopping, drinking, partying or even what one is able to give their children. Going back and reading the story of Christmas, one will quickly discover that it was, is, and will always be about adoring Jesus! Christmas is a very sad season for many; depression actually enjoyed great success during this season. Many can’t wait for this season to be over so that they may go back to work as usual, but today I challenge them to take time to worship the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Today, I invite them to be born again and to allow Jesus to be born in the manger of their heart. I promise everyone that they will forever experience the hope of glory and the indescribable Spirit of what Christmas is truly about. If Jesus is the reason for the season, if Christmas is all about HIM, then Worship HIM for He is worthy to be praised! Let the lights of Christmas shine even through the darkest moments. Merry Christmas!

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