Reflecting on 2011

The year of 2011 was, without a doubt, a very interesting year filled with pain, failure, hope, breakthroughs and great joy. When I look back at how 2010 ended, how 2011 started and where I am today, I have no choice but to give God the glory. It is amazing how impossible things look when one is going through it and how, as time goes on, you can look at what God has done and be amazed!


In the last six years I have gone through tragedy with the death of my first wife, a horrible second marriage, great challenges with my own children, raising three children as a single dad, divorce, deep depression, therapy, personal and public sin exposure and a pouring out of God’s grace in my life.


2011 started with a Word the Lord gave me on January 1st entitled: The Year 2011: A Year of Human Failure: Failure always comes before the breakthrough. Thank God that it is human failure as God will never fail us. 2011 was the year that provided me with the healing of the pain of the death of my first wife, the recognition that my second marriage was a mistake and a product of my disobedience, a year of humility as I finally sought out for help, a setup for my new wife and a reborn passion for the teaching of the reality of God’s principles through Martial Arts.


If anyone would have told me in advance all that took place in my life this year, I would have probably called that person a false prophet. Another key Word the Lord gave me in 2011 was: The Lord is Saying: It is not Funny: God, without a doubt, wants to use us! With this Word, I was able to see a degree of urgency.


Today, I find myself happily married, the proud father of four daughters and two young men and I am happy to come home every day. The sky is literally my limit! I think that the following video taken the day of my wedding on November 18, 2011, can provide a good sense of where my heart is right now:


I am very excited about what is coming in 2012! I don’t have a specific Word for this up-coming year yet; but I can tell that I am stronger and ready in Him.



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