Sick of It!

It is time to stop making excuses, to stop looking down at our condition as a reason to settle for mediocrity and start looking up at our potential in Jesus. It is time to start taking a good look at us as a CHURCH BODY for inventory reasons. Stop being so focus on our OWN THING and look up to God; follow HIS ways of how the church truly should be like and GET REAL! It is time to stop being wimps and take the criticism. If our Christianity is limited to what happens during those couple of hours on Sunday Morning we are in a lot of trouble!


I am grateful, but I am very dissatisfied because I know that there is more to this thing we call Christianity than to listen to a few sermons a month! In all honesty, I am getting very bored with it. If many in our congregations would be given the opportunity to express themselves without being labored as rebellious, they would say the same thing. God is not the problem, and I am not talking about abandoning the church, but we must not be afraid of pointing some things out that MUST change.


We must stop trying to sugar-coat everything; surely the Apostles did not! Somewhere in church’s history this church-thing became a one man show; somewhere in church’s history we became satisfied with things that gives us a form of Godliness, somewhere in church’s history our whole Christian-living was limited to Sundays, we started delegating our Biblical responsibilities, we lost sight of how to deal with sin, how to love, how to restore and how to fellowship. Somewhere in church’s history we stopped listening to the Holy Spirit and focused on what THE MAN OF GOD says on Sundays if we like it. The problem, my dear beloved, is that this Sunday Morning show is running out of ideas! The good news is that…this Sunday Morning show is running out of ideas!


For the Lord is saying:


“I am sick of those whose eyes can only see their ministry and themselves. They never see my children as investments to my Kingdom, they never see them as disciples as I have commanded, but they only see them with the eyes of envy and personal threat; therefore manipulating, hurting and pushing my sheep away. They never see my children as investments to my Kingdom, they never see them as disciples as I have commanded, but with the selfish eyes of personal advancement.


There is no sincerity, not giving up personal dreams for the dreams of others and no giving their lives so that others may live.  I am sick of those who have placed themselves at the center of their ministry and not Me. They have placed their denomination above my Word and my Ways. Your bylaws and manmade religion is like vomit before me.


You claim to be Spirit-filled, baptized in the Holy Ghost, filled with joy but you are cold and arrogant. You call your messages as if it is my Word, but they are nothing but intellectual Bible studies filled with information, but very little transformation power. You think you are on fire, but you have become just another motivational speaker who has mastered the art of cheerleading people into vanity. You are a coward as you refuse to confront sin in my house and call out false prophets and teachers that are leading my sheep astray. You are a coward as you refuse to reach out to those that have fallen as restoration can’t be seen in my house. Gossip has become the fuel of your existence and you have forgotten the mercy that I have given you.


I am sick of you asking for money, manipulating statistics to make it look like I am doing something when in reality it’s you and your personal efforts. You are getting the result of your works without Me, but you are so insensitive that you can’t even see the difference between the anointing and just talent. You walk around with great titles, but it is nothing more than the result of man-made efforts. You are building a tower of Babel, but I will confuse and destroy your projects. You have done great things that had forms of Godliness, but your emptiness will be exposed.  You celebrate and announce as a great thing giving one meal a year to the poor…Hypocrites! How is it that you have delegated the caring of the poor and the fatherless to Social Services? I hold this strongly against you!


Many have taken positions of authority without my authority, but I am rising up a new government that will dance my music and sing with the melodies of my heart. You who are hiding in the caves of shame; you who feel disqualified for the doings of your past and for the struggles of today, you who the world has X’ed-out, who has repented and have turned your hearts back to me, but men continued to close doors to because of what you’ve done; you who have been judged by your worst actions, but restoration never did knock at your door…Here I am! Your God, who showed you how worthless you are without Me, but how amazingly made you are in my hands. Your brokenness is your greatest gift at this hour!


For this is the hour when I am turning the heart of the fathers to their children and the children will be able to recognize their true fathers. Yes, I am relocating many at this hour, for they must be faithful to Me and not to the manipulations of men. I am relocating and equipping many to be fathers in the ministry. I don’t need supervisors, I need leaders and I need fathers. I am your God; you have been listening, you can feel my greater purpose, you know that there is more, but you have been silenced by the controlling spirits of selfish agendas. The Spirit of Saul that goes after my chosen will die a shameful death. The Spirit of Jezebel who has come to silence and kill my prophets will be eaten by dogs and will also die a shameful death; for the Spirit of Jezebel does not only manifest in women, but also in church leadership in general. This spirit seduces my people into the group of the accepted ones to keep the prophetic voice controlled so that they can only speak what is acceptable and convenient in the eyes of the leader; they have become the Balaam of our day. They hear from me, but are willing to manipulate, confuse and equip leaders to come against my plan, but Balaam too will die a shameful death.


Come to Me, I am knocking at the door of your destiny. Come, follow Me and I will make you fishers of men. I will cause you to build, not another network, but true Christ-like relationships with one another; no longer a networking-thing, but a Spirit-led thing.”



6 thoughts on “Sick of It!

  1. For my blood was not shed in vain. My cross I endured for love. I call you to a place of examination and humility. A place of healing and restoration. For my grace is pure and my love is endless for you. There is nothing that I cannot cover. There is nothing that I cannot remove out of the way that would hold me people. For I am faithful and I am true. Trust in my love. Trust in my forgiveness.


    1. Amen, lets also make it clear that the church, just like the Ark of Noah, is the only thing that will survive the “Flood” that is coming. These kinds of words are not fatalistic or even pessimistic, they just point out where the heat of God’s fire is burning for the promised purification of the bride of Christ!


      1. …and as members of the Bride, we will participate in the final wedding ceremony. So, let the fire fall! Because there is no wedding if a groom lacks a bride. Despite all its sins and failures (a number of which I contribute to myself), the Church “is of God.” I want to use 2012 to renew my love for Her. Will you join me?


  2. These words will not make you famous before men but you will be a voice in the wilderness and a glass of cold water to the thirsty who are sick of it too!
    Keep up the good work,


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