Who We Are As People, Who We Are as Churches! Introduction

As we end 2011 and at the end of every year, I have been experiencing a special sensitivity that accommodates in my spirit: a reflection of the year that is departing and an excitement and word of direction for the year that is arriving. This time, for me, is a time of taking inventory of where I am, what has happened, where I am going and what I need to do.

I am not a writer that has to write a certain amount of articles a weeks, a month, etc. I write only when I feel in my spirit a prompt requirement to do so. The last couple of days, guided by the Holy Spirit, I have been studying the seven churches given to us in Revelation, chapter two and three.

I have no doubt that the descriptions given to us in Revelation are not only of seven kinds of churches, but also a personality profile of the seven kinds of Christians out there. As we take a closer look at these seven churches I hope that we all can take an inventory of the kind of Christians that we are and the kind of local churches we are a part of. I hope that this series will challenge us to strive to be what the Lord wants us to be and I hope that we will be willing to question what we are a part of and what we so commonly accept as the truth.



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