Month: January 2012

Do You Really Believe? Part 3

The idea that we can repeat a prayer and accept that as being saved is a Biblical error. This word “confession” challenges us to express openly one’s allegiance to a proposition or person. This means that as witnesses we are unashamedly declaring our alliance to Christ. Many are making it look as if they have an alliance to Christ; but at the end, when you study them a little deeper, you can clearly see that their alliance is not with our Lord.

Do You Really Believe? Part 1

I am growing concerned with the fact that many people that sit in the church on Sundays are not saved from the terrorizing Lake of Fire. These are people that perhaps repeated what is commonly known among evangelicals as the “sinner’s prayer;” nevertheless, it was all an illusion, a lie, an incorrect interpretation of what true salvation is.

Thank God for the Power of a New Day

Thank God for the gift of moving on; for the power of a new day! Maybe we will never be the same; the lost of a loved one, the traumatic emotions of an unexpected divorce; the cries of physical and mental abuse, the humiliation and violation of our own sexuality, the lost of a job, the rejection and discrimination just because. What of that embarrassing moment that we all hate as part of what formed our story, or that bad decision we made, or that shameful act we will fully committed?

The Need for Practical Self-Defense

I’d rather get killed fighting a vicious attacker defending my family or my life than to die like a coward. As I study different kinds of self-defense techniques, a thought crossed my mind. Many of these self-defense techniques are actually good and effective if the person is skillful and bold enough to perform them under life and death situations. I believe that where we fail as Martial Arts instructors is that we do not seriously take into consideration the way our Sympathetic Nervous System reacts in times of extreme pressure.