Spectators or Participants

The Lord did not call us as Christians to be spectators; He called us to be active participants of His work as we Minister to Him in Worship and to His people in love. I am not a fatalist or pessimist when it comes down to the church. I am not a great scholar of the Word of God. Nevertheless, I know the Word enough to know that the church is the best thing on this earth. The church will only get better and better, to the point that one day we will be without spots and wrinkles. However, part of the process for God to prepare His bride includes Him speaking, fixing, restoring, equipping and rebuking His people.


As a good coach gets in his team’s face and trains them as he prepares them for the great game, how much more is God preparing us? He will indeed, get in our faces, push us, encourage us and correct us in our errors; not with the objective of humiliating us, but with the objective of helping us grow and preparing us for battle as we go out and minister to others. The problem is that many in today’s church are just spectators; they are satisfied with sitting on the bench week after week. Some sit back and criticize as if they are not a part of the team.


Can you imagine someone being a part of a team and not wanting to play? Can you imagine that same person criticizing his team when he/she refuses to play and help the team? Week after week the coach asks him/her to go in and play and week after week he/she refuses. That is exactly what we are dealing with in many areas of the church. Many see themselves as fans and some others as spectators, but they are not realizing that they are undeniably a part of the team and if the team is losing, in part, it’s because of their irresponsibility, laziness, apathy and cowardice.


God has placed in you the answer for what His church needs; release today that River of Living Waters. You are a part of the team; will you help us today?

2 thoughts on “Spectators or Participants

  1. GREAT blog, Angel. This is very poignant. Hits the mark right on. I preached a similar sermon years ago with a similar topic. People do not want to hear this but the point still needs to be shouted from the mountain tops.



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