Imperfection in Politics

We have a very imperfect President who replaced another imperfect President. As of today, January 24, 2012, we have four imperfect people trying to be the new President of our imperfect nation. My issue is not the imperfection of my leaders, my issue is to see the press, whom by the way, is filled with imperfect people also, selectively decide whose imperfection to make public.


  1. I am of the belief that nothing in political debates happens without planning… When I ran for State House 3 times – the moderator asked the candidates which questions they wanted to be asked… It would not surprise me if Newt asked for that question to be asked as his ex-wife had been on TV all day saying he was an adulterer and it was “the elephant in the room”. It had to be removed in order for Newt to be heard. He had to kill it fast. That’s what I see. 🙂


    1. Thank you for your insight in the wonderful world of politics. Did not know that you ran for a political office. I need to hear more about that. God bless you and your husband!


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