Self-Defense Without Throwing a Punch…Yet!

“Common Sense Advise”

1. Girls, it is inappropriate for a grown man to ask you where you live, ask you for your number and invite you to go to his place. By doing that, he is clearly demonstrating his intentions. Remember, these predators always come out initially as very nice guys. You should never give out that kind of information to anybody, even somebody you know, without your parent’s approval. In situations like that, if specially, you are dealing with a stranger who continues to insists on getting this kind of information from you, you have permission to be rude, tell them to get lost, go to a public place away from him/her fast and tell your parents about it!

2. Parents you are your children best defense weapon. Talk to them, ask question, check their rooms, make sure you have their Facebook ID and password, etc. If you feel something is not right, follow up on that; drug test them if you have to. Your children do not have the right for privacy, they will, when they be able to move out of your house.

2 responses to “Self-Defense Without Throwing a Punch…Yet!”

  1. Kirby Avatar

    “predators always come out initially as very nice guys.” That is such an important point to remember. Too many times I’ve heard, “but he seemed like such a nice guy!”


    1. angelcasiano Avatar

      Amen Kirby, that is exactly what I was telling my younger daughters today; they come as nice guys!


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