Rick Santorum; Is He Really the One For Us Christians?

What I respect the most about Rick Santorum is that he is who he says he is. He is a conservative, who has a conservative record, who is campaigning as a conservative and is not ashamed or moved by what the establishment wants. I am not looking for a perfect candidate, it does not exist! However, you look at Obama and he is dangerously liberal, but he runs as Christian. Romney is all over the place; he is running as a conservative, but his record positions him closer to the left. Newt sounds conservative, but he also has a record that many times does not match what he is saying now. I feel that Ron Paul is also honest in his believes. Perry, Cain and the others were not ready to be President, period.

If America wants style and to keep the extreme left alive, they can keep Obama. If America wants a rich white man, Romney is your man. If America wants to show how sick they are of the Government, no doubt that Paul is the way to go. If America wants someone who sounds smart, there is no candidate smarter than Newt. If America wants a conservative, currently Santorum is your only choice. In Santorum, we have a man that is not charismatic, a man that is not a great speaker, a man with no money to compete against Romney, but a man that is not ashamed of what he stands for. Santorum seems to be the closest candidate to our Christian values, but is he a true born-again Christian? Is he the one or shall we wait for another?