Rick Santorum; Is He Really the One For Us Christians?

What I respect the most about Rick Santorum is that he is who he says he is. He is a conservative, who has a conservative record, who is campaigning as a conservative and is not ashamed or moved by what the establishment wants. I am not looking for a perfect candidate, it does not exist! However, you look at Obama and he is dangerously liberal, but he runs as Christian. Romney is all over the place; he is running as a conservative, but his record positions him closer to the left. Newt sounds conservative, but he also has a record that many times does not match what he is saying now. I feel that Ron Paul is also honest in his believes. Perry, Cain and the others were not ready to be President, period.

If America wants style and to keep the extreme left alive, they can keep Obama. If America wants a rich white man, Romney is your man. If America wants to show how sick they are of the Government, no doubt that Paul is the way to go. If America wants someone who sounds smart, there is no candidate smarter than Newt. If America wants a conservative, currently Santorum is your only choice. In Santorum, we have a man that is not charismatic, a man that is not a great speaker, a man with no money to compete against Romney, but a man that is not ashamed of what he stands for. Santorum seems to be the closest candidate to our Christian values, but is he a true born-again Christian? Is he the one or shall we wait for another?

5 thoughts on “Rick Santorum; Is He Really the One For Us Christians?

  1. Do you think that a country that is governed by a Christian is morally better and reflects a more accurate picture of the kingdom of God than one that is run by a non-believer?


    1. Yes Dennis I believe that~ When I look at the Bible I see that every time a true man of God was established as leader over Israel, not only that Israel was blessed, but also the nations that were good with them. I am believing God for mercy for this nation and I am asking the Lord to give us a Josiah. This nation needs a true and skillful born again Christian. I think that perhaps their were some born again believers that ran for President, but they were not skillful. Sent with Verizon Mobile Email


  2. I totally agree. I believe Rick Santorum is honest about who he is no matter what the consequence. Rather then portraying someone everyone wants him to be, he sticks to his beliefs. He is not perfect, but as you said, there is no perfect candidate. I do not agree with everything he says, but I have to go with the person I have the most issues in common with and he is the one. He is neither the most vibrant or exciting person in the world, but none of that matters when it comes to making smart, sensible and important decisions. We have had too many of these rich, charismatic characters with no values (and I do mean “characters”) for too long and they have done nothing but destroy our country year after year. Although you may not agree with all of his stands, I think people need to look past the “who can beat Obama” and go with a candidate that will make real change. One of the huge problems with our country these days is the lack of God in everything. It truly is a sad sad situation and may God bless us all if people do not wake up and take a stand.


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