God Speaks His Word by Prophet G. Craige Lewis

1 Peter 2:2 – ‘As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word,
that ye may grow thereby:’
We need the bible! There is so much hype going around in the body of Christ about this book and that book until people are putting just as much stake into Christian books than they are the bible and that is not wise. Of course there are good Christian books on the market that help us, but nothing can take the place of the Word of God. You need it to grow and it doesn’t take a man to always break it down for you. There is truth in the bible that everyone can live by and there are translations of the bible that everyone can understand plainly. The bible is not being pushed because it’s not as profitable to sell as a man’s book is, so we are starting to hear less about the bible and more about men and their accomplishments. But the fact still remains that if you plan to really grow, you must grow by reading the Word. This is why so many Christians are immature and babes forever. They think they know, but they really don’t because they do not read the Word. Or, they read it but it doesn’t take root because they follow their own way instead of following what the Lord says. And you can always tell a Christian that doesn’t spend anytime in the Word. They begin to tell you how God “told them this” or “said that” to them. Then they start going back on what they said God said and changing their minds about it after if fails or doesn’t work out for them. That’s because God speaks through his Word and what he says can be referenced in the Word. Even when he speaks to mature believers through his Spirit it will always line up with scripture and never contradict it.
The bible is one of the hardest books in the world to consistently read but not because it can’t be understood. It’s hard to read because the devil doesn’t want you to read it! It’s hard sometimes to find time to do it, and it takes perseverance to get disciplined enough to stick to a reading pattern. But the devil is behind it all! The devil knows the power of the word and he knows that you will grow if you read it, so he starts speaking into your mind, saying good things at first, to make you think it’s God. He wants you to feel like you are hearing the voice of God in the beginning so you will never have a need for the word! It’s a trick! Then he starts using that same voice to lead you astray eventually. Many times by causing you to follow crooked ministries and greedy television evangelists, the enemy will begin to make you dependent upon man to be God’s voice for you and at that point, there is no need for the bible at all! But God said, “my sheep know my voice.” Well, they know it because it will line up with his Word. The Word of God is your milk to grow. Without it, you will never be mature enough in Christ to hear him speaking and you definitely won’t be able to know who’s really saying what God said.
Suggested Reading: Gen 1 – Rev 22
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