Month: March 2012

The Art of Being Blessed

Blessings are all around us; our nation is indeed, a blessed nation; no doubt about that. However, until we are emotionally blessed, what we have or don’t have has no meaning or value. How can one explain a person with a good personality, talented, with great fame, having all that money can buy yet, still finds him or herself in a state of depression, anger, frustration and great misery?

La Falta de Respeto al Espíritu Santo

Es tiempo de reconocer que nuestras formas no trabajan, que son limitadas, que sin el Espíritu Santo somos nada; somos fariseos listos para matar a Cristo, a los verdaderos cristianos y a todo lo que delante de Dios sea real. Hermanos, es tiempo de dejar de faltarle el respeto al Espíritu Santo y de dejar que se exprese libremente en nuestros corazones, en nuestras familias, en el medio de nuestras congregaciones, nuestras comunidades, nuestros pueblos, ciudades y naciones. Perdónanos Santo Espíritu, ven y toma tu lugar en nuestras vidas… ¡En el nombre de Jesús!

The Missing Ingredients

Many people in the Body of Christ are walking around depressed with very little confidence in God and in the abilities God has given them. Through the years they have been told what they can and cannot do and it has now become their own reality. Many have parents that constantly speak curses over their lives, others engage in terrible relationships where they were told horrible things about themselves, and still others grew up without the personality, the charisma and all of those things the world seeks for. So, they walk around as literal losers; as destroyed houses in need of rebuilding. They have, or are, experienced the hurricanes and tornados of life that have totally destroyed their dreams and purpose. This is where the prophet comes to build up in the Lord and remind God’s people what the Word says about them!

Puerto Rico: Todavía Hay Esperanza

Puerto Rico: Todavía hay esperanza. Todavía las canciones que han inspirado tus montes no se acaban; todavía el roció de la mañana nos regala sonrisas; todavía las melodías de las aves decoran nuestro escuchar; todavía los aguaceros de Mayo renuevan nuestros pasos, todavía el coquí no deja de cantar y nos rompe las noches con sus conciertos que anuncian la esperanza de un mejor futuro. Puerto Rico: Todavía hay esperanza.