Where is The Next Move of God Going to Be?


Many of us are waiting for God’s great move; for the next and awesome revival; for our modern time awakening. We read the stories; we look for the formulas, the steps they follow, the things they did. Many are sounding the trumpet! I have heard that the next move of God will be among Hispanics in the United States; I have heard that the next move of God is going to happened in our public schools, that the next great revival will take place in Jacksonville, Florida or in Ahoskie, North Carolina, Hollywood, California, in this or in that region; all of this without counting the many local churches that are waiting for their own promised revivals to come to pass; revivals that were promised by a prophet that came some years ago and prophecy so. People gave their moneys, empty their savings, gave their time, sacrifices even their own time with their families and all for what? The year prophesied came and nothing happened, so they turned their hearts away from the Lord, got even colder in the things of God and every time they hear: “God told me…” they automatically activate the spirit of sarcasms.

In the process, we all become colder and colder about the things of God. It seems like it gets harder and harder to pray, to really study God’s Word and to really spend quality time in our personal worship time with the Lord. Many are pressing on with family devotions, but they get disgusted as they see their children more interested in the finalist of “American Idol” than in what the Lord is actually saying. You press on with your devotionals as you see your entire family is half sleep.

Well, I have heard some things about revival myself, but there is so much that I just don’t know. However, I am convinced that God is not going to come and bless our man-made religious ways and our “I want to have it my way mentality”. The next great move of God will be birthed out of the individual hearts of God’s people. The next great move and perhaps, final revival, will come out of the hearts of people that have tried all and have received enough painful disappointments to understand, deep in their souls, that only in God and God alone can we find all that we need and more. A deep revelation that only God can make us whole! I don’t take away from the regions and churches were revival have been prophecy, but we must stop looking at people and places, we must start looking at our own hearts, that is where the next revival is going to be.

Beloved, we must find our own secret places! Men, we must lead our families into the knowledge and manifested presence of God; we must press on, forget about the past and move on with Jesus. The revival is coming; no doubt about it! The question is, are we positioning ourselves to be a part of it?

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