A Word for Our Fellow Democrats

A Word for Our Fellow Democrats

It is foolish for a boxer to complain because he is getting hit too hard! It is foolish for a runner to not like running or for a mechanic to hate getting his hands dirty or for a police officer to refuse to fight crime!


Beloved, it is foolish for us to say that our President is getting scrutinized for every move he makes. That is the way things are; it comes with the territory! If you are a Democratic President, just as President Obama is, you will get scrutinized from the conservatives on the right. If you are a Republican President like former President George W. Bush was, you will get scrutinized from the left. Conservatives prefer Fox, liberals prefer CNN; it is just the way it is!


The American people voted for our President in record numbers; since the election of Jimmy Carter vs. Ronald Reagan we have not seen a President winning an election as comfortable as President Obama. But things have changed; President Obama has a record now. It has nothing to do with the color of his skin! His record; the good, the bad and the ugly, will speak for itself. I think that it is time now to stop whining, stop using the race-card and the blaming-game and get to work on behalf of all Americans: Minorities, Whites, the poor, the rich, the fat, the skinny, the beautiful and the ugly; etc.…we are all Americans!