Month: April 2012

Why Limit Ourselves to One Martial Art Style?

My journey started with boxing as a young teenager. I learn hard work, to condition my body for Full Contact, waking up at 5:30 AM to run five miles, ride my bike another three to five miles to get to the boxing gym every day to get yell at by my boxing coach, come back and then close the day with an extra three miles of jogging. My journey continued as I started my studies of Tae Kwon Do in order to develop my kicks. Then I engaged in the study of Wing Cheung as my instructor prepared me for kickboxing and simultaneously I was studying Shotokan. My journey continued, even today as I have a new born passion for ground fighting and practical self-defense. To lock myself into one style is boring to me, to lock myself into one style limits me, so I enjoy my freedom as I continue this never-ending journey.

Learning from Hannah’s Painful Transition Process Part 6

It is an amazing thing that God will use such imperfect people to partner with Him to do the work of His Kingdom. How ridiculous we must look before heaven when we take ourselves so, seriously! When I look at the life of King David, when I look at the life of the Apostle Paul and the shocking statements he made about himself in Romans seven; when I look at some of the leaders God has placed in my life through the years and when I look at my own life, it is incomprehensible to me as to why God keeps using us to partner with Him.

I am sorry, so sorry!

There are chapters in our lives that we would love to be able to erase. Those awful things we said and those shameful things we did seem to forever hunt us down like a wounded animal surrounded by the deadly predators in the jungle of our condemnation. Why did I take that turn? Why did I get involved with this or that other person? Why did I not walk away? Why did I so, irresponsibly let my loved ones down? Why?

Learning from Hannah’s Painful Transition Process Part 5

I know that these are days where we are indeed in a crisis of leadership in our nation and perhaps in the whole world. However, we must not allow the mess of our leaders, their issues and their bad judgments to move us away from the Lord and from the destiny that we have in HIM. You may be facing a situation where, just like David, for the sake of your own destiny in God, you may need to run away from that leader and ministry, but in the process of running, refuse to disrespect, dishonor and fill your heart with bitterness towards that leader. God is a God of justice; He adds and removes whomever He wants and surely He will do justice for you. Only one person can stop what God wants to do in your life and that person is you! One of the easiest ways to stop our progress in God is by allowing bitterness to dwell in our hearts. Beloved, guard your hearts as you move forward in your transition.

Don’t Give Up on the Church!

We must understand that even as the church has a long way to go, without a doubt we will be ready for the coming of the Lord. Nothing will stop us: Not the prosperity message, not the lack of fathers in ministry, not the corruption, no sin, no immoral life style, no controlling pastor, no sellouts, no false prophets, no false doctrine, no denomination, no division, no false teachers, etc. The Holy Spirit will burn all that foolishness out of us and will also separate the real Christians from the pretenders. Even as we take time on this blog to point out some areas in the Body of Christ that need fixing, we are well aware of the reality of a guaranty victory.

Learning from Hannah’s Painful Transition Process Part 4

There is no way around this one; this one is an essential part in the process of growing up. Beloved, we must learn to deal with our leaders in the Lord. By now, you probably have already experienced the painful blow of being misunderstood by a person in position of authority. I learned many years ago that after your marriage, perhaps there is no other relationship that the enemy will come against with greater force than our relationship with our spiritual leaders.