Is My Religion Working For Me?

Sometimes I wonder how we can know if our religion is working for us. How can we know that we are changing? Can I make an inventory of my faith? I believe these questions can sincerely be answered the following way:


If whatever you are doing is bringing you closer to Jesus; if your hunger and thirst for HIM is ever-increasing; if you are motivated to spend time alone with HIM in prayer; if you read HIS Word motivated by a love that increases your desire to know HIM; if you desire to worship HIM, if you find yourself in tears, overwhelmed by HIS presence; if you have peace; if you have joy; if you trust HIM, even when things look rough; if you are able to see how nothing you are and how everything HE is; if you struggle with sin, but don’t surrender to sin, if you feel convicted by sin and if by His power you are able to walk away from sin, if you fell down, but got up again for HIS glory; if you continue to taste of HIS mercy and learn that is all about HIM and not about you; if others are eager to come and eat of the fruit of your maturity in HIM; if you are not easily offended, but forgive when they are able to offend you; if the tribulations of life, whether they come because of satanic attacks, God’s discipline or your own doing is getting you to a place where humility is being formed in you; if you learn to find HIM in your home, both, by yourself and with your family; if the Holy Spirit is your number one teacher, if you are receiving revelation directly from HIM; if nothing fills you up more than JESUS, if you miss HIM when you stop seeking HIM; if you see yourself changing for the good and yes, if you walk in the light, in fellowship with your brothers and sisters in the Lord and if JESUS is your favorite topic in your daily conversations; I have an advice for you: Please don’t mess your religion up… is working…Keep doing what you are doing!



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