Month: May 2012

Important Announcements

It is official! Next school year I will be teaching Spanish, Bible and PE Classes at Ahoskie Christian School. The Principal approached me a couple of weeks ago to offer this opportunity and I am truly humbled by the offer. I have been teaching Martial arts there to a small group of Elementary and Middle school children for the last school year. It is particularly very excited to also inform you all that the Physical Aspect of the PE class at Ahoskie Christian will be our Martial Arts Program…Glory to Jesus!

A Little History on Racial Division in Pentecostalism in America

I strongly believe that we will see the church in America coming together the way Azusa did. It is my deep conviction that the best representation of how a real church should look like so far, took place in Azusa Street under the leadership of Bishop William J Seymour. It is my conviction that those days will return; they must, before the return of our Lord Jesus Christ; for we trust that God will pour out His Spirit according to Joel 2:28. It is also my deep conviction that the greatest evangelistic tool in America will take place when we become color-blind and we start loving one another as a true family of God in accordance with John 13:35 when it says:
“By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” NIV

Do You Want To Spend More Quality Time With The Lord?

One of the deepest desires of my heart is to be a man of prayer; I want to be a man in love with Jesus every day. People that have found ways to be discipline in their intimacy with the Lord truly impress me. I desperately need prayer. When I don’t pray I am loud, aggressive, too straightforward, rude, intolerant and with little consideration for how my words and my facial expressions are affecting the person in front of me. It is amazing to me, but as I said before, I believe that every Christian is bipolar. As I get older I become more sensitive to my inner struggle between the Spirit of God and my flesh; the fight in the inside of me is brutal (Galatians 5:17).

Time to Lose Control Part Two

I believe that The Azusa Street Revival, through its leader Bishop William J. Seymour, gives us the most recent example of what can happen when we let God have His Way. The Azusa Street Revival lasted three and a half years; great miracles took place there as whole arms and legs grew out of people; the smoke of the glory of God was literally visible to the point that the Fire Department was called. As firefighters walked into the building they quickly discovered that the only fire there was indeed the Fire of God. Now, I have heard about other revivals; yet, what make this one so special?

Time to Lose Control Part One

I believe that from the very beginning of my short life as a Christian, even as the Lord changed many things in my life, even as I love God’s people, as I started reaching out to the lost souls, as I serve God with great excitement, as I started reading the Bible and praying; I started questioning: What is the purpose of coming to church Sunday after Sunday? When I started reading the Word and learning about God’s creative power I could not see how that was being reflected in our gatherings. Even as I was a part of a Pentecostal Church first and then a very charismatic non-denominational church, I was not able to find purpose in doing basically the same thing Sunday after Sunday. Something did not match!