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My Take on Same Sex Marriage


As I write these words let me make you all aware that I indeed have very close loved ones that are currently struggling with homosexuality. Some have accepted such life styles and others are fighting against it every day.

     I am also aware that the church has done a terrible job in reaching out to this group of people; it seems as if the church has given them the impression that they hate the sin and the sinner as well.

Some years ago I remember being in Nashville, Tennessee with my brother, Carlos. During our stay there, he reconnected with an old friend and her family. Her mom invited us to come to her house and eat, so we went. As soon as we arrived to the house we were warmly receive by my brother’s friend and her mom.

     Along with the group was a very flamboyant young man who wanted to make sure that we knew that he was there and that he was gay. I was hungry, so all I cared about was food. I had a long day at the studio and I was ready to eat. This young man could not cease talking for a minute.

     As I started eating, I quickly discovered that the food was terrible. So, I was hungry and this young man was working my last nerves. To make matters worst, everybody decided to leave the dinning room as they left me alone with this gay young man. “This is great!” I said to myself; I wanted to do to my brother Carlos exactly what Cain did to Abel!

     In the midst of whatever this young man was saying he asked me: “What do you do for a living?” I did not want to respond, but my mouth said, “I am a minister.” The conversation took a whole different direction from that point on, as the young man started pouring out his heart to me.

     He told me that he acknowledged that homosexuality was a sin; he added that he did not want to be gay anymore and that he went to a church looking for answers. He added that when he finally confessed to the pastor his struggles with homosexuality the pastor publicly kicked him out of the church.

     This young man wept before me and I wept with him. I asked for his forgiveness on behalf of what this pastor and this congregation did to him. Even as I pointed out the truth that he already knew about homosexuality as a sin, the compassion of Christ overtook my heart as I took the time to minister to him. By the time my brother and friends came back, this young man was acting like a young man and he was not talking as much.

     Every normal person has sexual desires with the exception of those that were born with the gift of self-control. The Apostle Paul is a good example of someone with such a gift. Sexual desires are God-given and made to be completely satisfied only in the sanctity of marriage.

     Society’s standards are not God’s standards. Even as society still strongly condemns adultery, rape and adults having sex with children, it seems like everything else is acceptable and justifiable.

     TV and Hollywood have done a great job in lowering God’s moral standards. It is sad to say, but when our own President goes on national television and publicly expresses his personal support for homosexual marriages we, without a doubt, are stepping into very dangerous grounds culturally.  What kind of Bible is he reading? Love without the truth is not love!

     Marriage is indeed, Biblically speaking, between a man and a woman no matter what anybody say. Even as about thirty-four states have voted against approving homosexual marriages, I prophesize that the day will come when it will be legal all over this nation for gays to get married. In that hour, remember: No matter what Hollywood is saying concerning this issue, no matter if our President approves of these types of marriages, no matter what a portion of the church itself is saying; many of whom are, even now, sell-outs, who for political influences, power and fame, support these social views over God’s Word; no matter is the majority vote yes… Wrong is wrong! I do not judge them, but God will.

     Jessie Jackson and all the people that support him should be ashamed of themselves for comparing the homosexual social battles with the blacks in this country; that is indeed a slap in the face for the very same God that liberated all of us.

     The fight against slavery and equal opportunities to all was a Biblical one; in God’s eyes nobody is better than anybody, we are all the same! God is a God of freedom. How can you be a Christian and approve the homosexual agenda? But I have been saying for some time now that Jackson and Al are false Prophets that are leading many of our people straight to hell.

     Homosexuality is a spirit designed to destroy lives. It is indeed a sin and like every other sin, will lead to death and destruction. There is no other way to say it; there is no other way to decorate the concept, homosexuality was, is and will forever be a detestable sin before the Lord. Not the only sin I should say, nevertheless, it will never be; just as fornication and adultery, approved by God…period!

6 responses to “My Take on Same Sex Marriage”

  1. Angel, what bible are you reading?. What did Jesus say about Homosexuality? The scene of Sodoma and Gomorrah is about inhospitably, What do you think about the love between David and Jonathan?. There will be no sex in heaven, so what does it matter who you have sex with as long as you are faithful and per Paul faithful to yourself and who you are. Just like a scorpion can’t help stinging the frog, you can’t make a homosexual straight. However, Paul did recommend us to live as Ministers. Jesus is love and we the Homosexual will face Jesus and because he is our savioiur we will be judge by him and not by you or any other priest, reverend or other religious symbol. If homosexuals go to hell, we will be acompanied by adulterous and all the divorcees in the world. I think most of the divorcees and adulterors are nice people…; don’t you?


    1. Probably the same Bible you are reading! Sodoma and Gomorrah, I agreed, was not only about homosexuality, but homosexuality is incuded in the reasons why those cities were destroyed. Many leaders in the homosexual community are using the relationship between David and Jonathan as a way to justify homosexuality, but the justification is not there. Homosexuality is indeed an abomination before the Lord; however, you are right; the Bible also speaks about fornicators and adulterous and liars and so on, not making it to heaven. The struggle is not what send us to hell Margie, is the acceptance of a life style that goes against what God has establish. I do not judge you, God’s Word judges all of us. We must repent for our sinful ways and go after God with all of our hearts Margie; God is not changing the rules for you and me; the Bible is very, very clear on this subject. If people want to embrace homosexuality, let them do so; but to try to twist the Word to justify that lifestyle is the same as the adulterous or fornicator or the lier trying to do the same…it does not work! I know what is it to live a life of embracing sin; it almost destroyed me as I embraced a life style of fornication. There was no excuse for me Margie; I needed to repent, turn away from my evil ways and wait on the Lord. Sin is sin, I love you very much as I know you personally, but I must tell you, that life style is not acceptable before the Lord and the Biblical evidence is overwhelming. God bless!


  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. It is heart breaking to see a world view that is so endouces with sin.But, it isn’r just homosexuality that is greaving. It is the message of promiscuity that runs through our socity as a whole. Our children are being tought that anything goes. They just leave out the part that of the message that says , so goes your soul. Thank you for the kindness in this message. When purity becomes an exceptable practice in our socity. then we will have conqured the immorallity of todays message to ourselves and to our children by the president and hollywood.
    What makes me sad about marge is the deception of wrong teaching of the word. I have read about the love of david and Johnathan and I saw nothing un-pure about their relationship. there was nothing sexual about it. So I am uncertain how much of the story she has read for herself.If so how much you would have to add between the lines to get that from it.
    The worst form of taking the Lords name in vain to me is when somone mis represents him in a false teaching.
    Lastly, I know you were clear on this,but I want to say it again. Homosexuality is no greater ssexual sin then, adultry, fornication, shacking up together, pornograghy, and the list goes on. God looks at sin as sin.every sin is offencive to him. And I am guilty of them all. It is thoruhg the blood of Christ that we have a hope.That my sin is washed clean. It is thought of no more. I can turn from it through His Spirit, and anyone who struggles with sin can to.
    God loves them personally and passionatly, and longs to have relationship with the homosexual, the lier , the gossip, the cheater. Ok that is all I have to say. Great job on this and I think I will reblog if you don’t care.


    1. Praise the Lord Mrs. Writer!


  3. Reblogged this on mrswriteword and commented:
    Fellow blogger wrote this and I wanted to pass it along. Again, I am not a political writer, even if this has a politial theam. It is about the heart of a loving Father. If you stuggle with this know that God your Father, has given you a way out.


  4. Letting us GAY People get together is so respctful to us thank you so very much.


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