Time to Lose Control Part Three

I have being a victim of my own mediocrity; but I want God to have all of me. I want the reality of God in my life, every day of my life. I know about the tribulations, about the obstacles, the oppositions, but I want to be involved in a good fight; I want to see God’s glory. As I study God’s move in Azusa I am convicted for allowing my flesh, in partnership with the enemy, to rob me of so much already.


As I study this amazing revival I was left with one question: What killed the Azusa Street Revival? The answer is very simple; the same thing that is holding the church back from experiencing the glory of God again…the ambitions and fear of men over God’s Will. We want to be in control; we want everything to look in order, but the reality is that deep in our apparent order, lives are not being dramatically changed. The disorder is inside, but we have become experts in making it look like everything is okay.


Many pastors find themselves struggling inside with the idea of letting go and letting God. Having to deal with long testimonies, false prophets, false teachers, strange manifestations, people speaking in tongues, people laughing etc. becomes a mountain of fear to any pastor. Consequently, many denominations have indeed come up with their own solutions to the problem; they feel comfortable with the Church Bulletin, establishing the order for each service and making everything as predictable as possible. The problem is that now we have a greater mess in our hands. We as the church are becoming less and less relevant and the power of God is not found among us. Something is terribly wrong!


Dealing with the church is not easy, but we should have never decided on following our agendas and structures over the free flow of God’s Spirit. We need to confront the false prophets and the false teachers, tell people to sit down when they are in the flesh, etc. just as Bishop Seymour , from the Azusa Revival did. It is better to deal with these uncomfortable situations than to have what we have now; people that are not praying, people that are not seeking the Lord, people that have no desire to read the Word or use their gifts for God’s glory. You know why? Because they are not being trained properly, we have indeed watered-down the Gospel, watered-down the importance of prayer and watered-down the vital importance of using our gifts for the Lord. We are delegating our Christianity and our spiritual exercises to…THE MAN OF GOD.


I say, it is time to lose control and let the Holy Spirit be in control; I say it is time to get out of the way and let God deal with us; I say it is time to put an end to the one-man show; it is time to be bold and courageous and confront the flesh. There is no such thing as too much of the Spirit. I say we have very little of the Spirit right now; I say it is time to surrender, to stop our arrogant ways and let Jesus be the Lord of our nations, the Lord of our services, the Lord of our homes and the Lord of our hearts. It is time to get into some serious Holy Ghost training…it is time to lose control, let go and let God!








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