Month: June 2012

The Cowards Will not Make It

eloved, the cowers will not make it, it is time for you to either go after God or reject HIM; it is time to decide of which team you are a part of, it is time to make up your minds, stop the foolishness and go after God like never before with fasting, prayer and tears.

Revival is coming, revival is coming…the Shekinah glory of God is coming… to fill the hearts of all of those that call Jesus their Savior and Lord, not only with their lips, but also with their hearts.

Without Repentance

Without repentance there is no salvation; without repentance there is no forgiveness, without repentance there is no transformation, without repentance there is no peace, without repentance there is no restoration, without repentance there is no holiness and without a heart for holiness there is no revival! Beloved, the blood of Jesus is powerful enough to burn away any sin, but without repentance that precious blood can’t be activated!

A Mighty Word by Pastor Roland García

Yesterday was our third Sunday; the excitement in my spirit grows by the minute, I have great expectations in the Holy Ghost; but the Lord really dealt with me during the service yesterday. I felt a couple of days ago that Pastor Garcia was to bring the Word for this service; I am so glad that I heard God’s voice on that matter. I guess we are getting what I like to call Pre-Revival Words.

Nuestra Terqueza y la Gloria de Dios

La Gloria de Dios es nuestra única esperanza, Su gloriosa presencia nos traerá poder, paz, gozo, prosperidad de alma y victoria. La presencia manifestada de Dios es lo que produce avivamientos; es lo que resucita a los muertos, lo que revive nuestras almas, lo que reactiva nuestros sueños, lo que produce milagros, señales, prodigios, lo que restaura, prepara y lanza para la gloria de Dios y para el servicio de Su pueblo.

About Revival Part 7

Beloved, the story of the church, the story of God’s people, our story, can only be found in His glory; anything else is just a counterfeit, anything else is secular, anything else may have a form of Godliness, but it is not the real thing. God is the God of His people; He desires to manifest Himself to us; it’s His essence, it’s who He is. Wherever He is, everything changes: nothing remains the same. The glory of God is power; the glory of God transforms people, the glory of God is what we need.

About Revival Part 6

For those that like to advocate that they are already experiencing the glory, let me just say that it is impossible for the manifested presence of God to go unnoticed. When God is truly here, the show is on for everybody to see as we can clearly see through the Word. I believe that throughout the Bible, God has purposely made it known what happens when God’s glory is here and what happens when God’s glory is not.

About Revival Part 5

This time, it was not Jesus doing these miracles directly; this time it was Jesus releasing His power over common men and doing great signs, wonders and miracles through them in the midst of great persecution and hatred from the world. This time, it is Jesus manifesting His power through His Apostles.