I was very comfortable with the idea of preaching and singing in different churches. With that kind of ministry you don’t have to deal with much drama; but that was about to change.


It was a normal afternoon on Thursday May 3, 2012; I went to pick up my two oldest daughters from school at Ahoskie and I was on my way to Gates County to teach my 4:00 PM Martial Arts Class. My daughters went to sleep as they usually do. As I was driving on HWY 13 North I started weeping in my spirit for the people that I use to pastor. I recently found out that the building was placed for sale and that the pastor was leaving. Later I found out that the pastor was already gone as he was able to find employment outside of the city to provide for his family. Apparently it has been a very tough season for this man, his wife and daughters. The congregation that I use to pastor is even smaller now; about fourteen people left; but they are dear to the Lord. Currently they are ministering to themselves.


I always believe that before the Lord send you out into ministry He will break your heart for the people you are call to minister to and so He did as He called me back to the office of Elder/Pastor. I called Pastor Sandy outlaw who about six months prior expressed to me that if I ever wanted to start a ministry his church building was available to me. At the time of the offer I had no desire to start any ministry; as a matter of fact, up until May 3 I really had no desire to start anything.


Resistance, attacks, confusion and in a way, betrayals showed up very fast at the door of my newfound energy and excitement for ministry. I must admit that I reacted in the flesh to some of those attacks and for that I am deeply sorry.


The new nameless ministry is set to start next Sunday June 10th 2012 at 3PM at New Vision Church in Murfreesboro, North Carolina. I am very excited and ready in the Lord. I hope to see you, who are call to be there…there!


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