As I look at my forty-four years of existence I must conclude that my life is one filled with shameful failures and sin. Now, I don’t know why the Lord would have me writing and speaking about these things; but I know that some years ago I did made a covenant with myself that I was going to exalt Jesus, even if in the process I look like a fool. I did not know that it was going to be this bad when I made that promise.


In my short life as a Christian I have being involved in what we know as the big sins: fornication, rage, pride and many others. I know! Someone is saying that sin is sin and you are right, but there are certain sins, like fornication, that would destroy people a little faster. I am one that needs to be married and I am so thankful for the wife God has given me; she is such an amazing blessing to me! I am so glad that I am no longer alone; I was able to see, with my own eyes, how not good is for a man to be alone. Today, I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to speak about another struggle in my life; my struggle with food.


Since I was a baby my mom knew that I was a heavy eater. Puertorrican food is delicious, but not very healthy. As I came to the United States I was exposed to other styles of food that were also lethal. There is a lot of bread, noodles, meats and cheese in my diet…it is terrible! As I grew older I continued my bad eating habits; the only reason I was not obese as a child was because of my deep passion for sports and exercise.


I was a boxer as a young teen and my schedule was very active; I started the day with a five mile run. Coming back from school, it was very normal for me to get on my bicycle and ride another five miles to the Boxing Gym. At the Gym I was at the mercy of whatever the coach wanted to work on that day. I would ride that bicycle back home and ended the day with a two or three mile run. My Boxing Fights were on Saturdays and I played baseball on Sundays. With that kind of agenda it was very difficult to be fat; as a matter of fact I had a very nice six-pack that has turned to a couple of gallons.


I got married young, at nineteen, but I was still somewhat active in something physical. In my twenties I started getting involved with the Martial Arts World and I continued then my discipline for training. By then, I was already struggling with weight. However, Martial Arts help me to get back on track. My real physical decline, for me, started in April 26, 1997. It was then that I became a Christian and totally retired from Martial Arts.


During that time I went to the doctor for a general check up and for the first time I discovered that I had high cholesterol and that my heath was not good. With a family history of diabetes, high cholesterol and many other health issues it should have been a wake up call for me. I was then working with Foster Care Teens, but I was no longer working directly with them, as I became a Supervisor and later a director; so I spend a lot of time seating on my desk doing paper work and nothing active. This was a long season of not working out. I tried physical activities here and there, but I was extremely out of shape.


After my wife’s death in December 2005 and after over eight years of physical inactivity, I started taking working out very serious again; however, in the food department I was not doing so great. I did go a whole year without eating meat. In December of 2006 I re-married and even as emotionally and spiritually I was at my worst; physically I was feeling the best I had in years. In 2005 I was already close to two hundred and fifty pounds. In 2006 I dropped fifteen pounds, but I stayed at 235 pounds because of my eating habits.  In 2007 I decided to eliminate meat again, but this time I also eliminated bread and rice as I continued working out faithfully. It paid off as I went as low as 207 pounds. But I was still far away from my ideal weight of 185 pounds.


Personal problems, problems with my children, marital problems, etc. took the best out of me and the weight started coming back in 2008. It was a gradual thing, but by April of 2011, as I was going through a divorce, I was at my worst ever, I was 264 pounds.


I made some adjustments and lost some weight, but not much. I started working out at Vidant Wellness Center in Ahoskie about six months ago and that has helped me tremendously; but I continued to fail miserably in the area of my eating habits. I am 17 pounds away from my worst weight ever in April of 2011; that is good in a way. But the news are terrible, my situation is terrible! I am 79 pounds away from my ideal weight. The news got even worst today as my wife, who is a Medical Doctor, insisted in checking my cholesterol. My cholesterol is so high that the machine was unable to give me a number.


On my way back home I heard the Holy Spirit telling, “You are allowing the devil to kill you!”

6 responses to “Bad News From the Doctor!”

  1. Jon Rissmiller Avatar
    Jon Rissmiller

    I have heard the Holy Spirit say something very similar to me. He said, “your in love with another god and you serve him more than you do ‘ME’”. I have been fighting these words for several years now and several months ago I heard it plain and clear “stop following your god.” I knew when I could not bend over to tie my shoes without having difficulty breathing that something MUST be done. So now I started counting calories and riding my bicycle. Oh how great I feel and sexy I look! JUST Kidding. But I really do feel better and feel better about myself. Thanks for writing. There are many others who are struggling with this very issue!


    1. angelcasiano Avatar

      I already started working out; now I have to deal with the real problem…food! Thank God for the wife He has given me!


      1. Nelson Pacheco Avatar

        BelovedI hear you and I feel you my Bro. I can relate to that because I have strugled so much with food in the past. What I can tell you is that instead of getting some illumination about the devil’s work (like in your case) I recieved this divine awareness of health, to the point that if I eat something bad, I just feel disgust about it and more importantly when I eat healthy I simply feel happy and bless, like if I am doing something to please the LORD. We must associate healthyness with our pursuit of happiness. Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and that is fundamental in our faith. Osvaldo Rosada (Monica’s father) used to say this “no se puede predicar a Dios en cansolcillos” speaking of morality, but my Bro, you cannot preach holiness, or self discipline, or obedience or perhaps spiritual maturity if you are unhealthy; “la glotoneria is a sin too”. Inmorality and fornication affects not only your spirit but also your body, that’s a fact, but unhealthyness too. Unhealthyness affects your brain, your mood, your persona, your character and more importnatly that holy temple you are as a whole. To me my bottom line is not Lord help me and teach to hate bad food but rather Lord help me and teach me to love healthy food. Eating healthy is awesome Beloved. I crave for a good healthy salad each day and my dressing is these days is a combination of balsamic vinegar and olive oil, no more ranch. Once again eating healthy is fun seriously. I came up here at 222 pounds. Today I am arround 195. I came down to 194 at the end of 2009 and I have gain 1 or 2 pounds since.Call me and lets talk about it.Love,Pacheco603-763-6061


        1. angelcasiano Avatar

          Praise the Lord Pacheco, so happy for you my dear friend. My wife is a Medical Doctor and a Godly woman so I have no excuse! I am following her advise and receiving her accountability. Thank you so much for sharing your testimony and for also helping me in refocusing the way I approach this very important and serious issue. I will be calling you soon! God bless!


  2. Nelson Pacheco Avatar

    BelovedBecause I love you and respect you so much, I wanted to make sure that nothing I say you will take personal. You are by the grace of GOD in good hands. No one better than your wife to guide you in this respect. It seems to me that she was sent to your life to be what GOD desire for her to be “a perfect help” “la ayuda idonea”. My wife is an excellent nurse. And her influence and good habits have also played a significant part in my new way of eating, Praise The Lord!NOTE: When I wrote the expresion…you cannot preach, I meant that in general, not personal.Tu hermanito,Pacheco


    1. angelcasiano Avatar

      Not at all Pacheco; I know of your love for me! We go way back! You are right about my wife; she is ayuda idonea to me. God bless you brother!


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