Get Ready And..

Dear brothers, sisters and friends:

I am so excited as today is the kick-off of our new ministry. Join us at 3PM at New Vision Church. This is a God ordained ministry and confirmed by the New Vision Church’s Elders. I have much to talk about, but do not know yet what exactly the Lord wants me to say or do; I am not anxious…I like it like that!

I am desperately open to whatever the Holy Spirit wants to do; for He is the one that is able to transform lives; not me. No name, no 501(c)(3), no personal agenda, and no bulletin with the order of the service. This will be a place where God is free to minister to his people.

I am only a vessel of clay; but even as I am called to be the leader of this ministry, I come against the One Man Show mentality and encourage God’s people to speak what the Lord is allowing them to speak publicly. I have been praying, studying God’s Word and loving on my God. Without HIM I am nothing, but in HIM all things are possible.

I call for those that are called to be a part to be bold and answer God’s call. I call for all my brothers and sisters to pray as we go forward with this bilingual ministry. May God be glorified and may God’s people be deeply blessed and transformed.

Love you all,

Brother Angel Casiano

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