At Vidant Wellness Center in Ahoskie, where I workout, they have a system where you are able to keep up with your physical activities. The more you exercise, the higher numbers you get. We are able to key-in the weights we lifted, the cardio, the walks we take, working in the yard, swimming, etc. At the end of the month they displayed the list with the top thirty members with the highest numbers as it relate to their exercise program. I worked very hard to be on that list for the last two months, last month I ranked 14th.


As a former athlete, numbers and statistics are important to me. However, I was not paying attention to some of the most important number in our lives, our cholesterol and triglyceride’s levels. On June 4th 2012, after avoiding a visit to the Doctor, who by the way, is my wife; I finally went to check my cholesterol and Triglyceride’s levels. The results were terrible!


A good cholesterol number should be between 120 and 199. A good triglyceride number should be between 20 and 149. My cholesterol number is 238; that number is considered Borderline High Level. My triglycerides number was more alarming as it was categorized as Very High Level. My number? 590.


With those numbers I have basically two options: One: Medication or Two: Eat my way back to health. I have chosen to eat my way back to health. The Vegan community gives us a very simple diet. No meat of any kind, no fish, no dairy products of any kind (That includes: no milk and no cheese) and, no oil of any kind (That includes: no vegetable oil and no Extra Virgin Oil) So, what can a Vegan eat? A vegan can eat everything without a mother and everything without a face. Am I going to become a Vegan? It is my smart choice if I want to see all of these numbers coming back to normal.


In a month or so I will go back to the Doctor’s Office to check my cholesterol and triglycerides; I started eating as a Vegan the same day of my physical, June 4th. Today is day 8. Too soon to give an opinion, too soon to testify, but not too late to start making healthier choices in my life. I can only say…To be continued…

4 responses to “Me? A Vegan?”

  1. mrswriteword Avatar

    Do you have recipe’s? Foods that are easier to eat? Sounds like Daniel.


    1. angelcasiano Avatar

      Yes and so far, so good! My wife bought some books with great recipes. Yes, it does sound like Daniel; I was just telling my wife that yesterday!


  2. Enma Avatar

    Alright, Cassy!!!! congrats because I was in the same boat 3 months ago and the doc told me ; or either we open your chest or get some healthy food woman, and one of my daughters have become vegan (because she went with the Adventist now she even married one) and she had lost a lot of weigh over a year now and we were fighting about she becoming an Adventist, but them we all got even with the Lord and went to married her down to Miami, But the main thing is, that she always was telling me about changing my diet and I always kept telling her no, but when the doc told me that and my husband was declared diabetic them I say ok, tell me about your vegan staff, and since them I completely change my diet and my numbers got down cholesterol down, high blood blood pressure down, fat got down, weight got down pounds got down and I feel good, just like you say nothing with heat or mouth or feathers we should eat and it is true, you know Adventist people don’t believed in meat anyway because they live on the principals of the bible but that is something else.


    1. angelcasiano Avatar

      Amen Enma, thank you for sharing this testimony with us!


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