Did We Receive it All When We Were Saved?

“Let’s Talk About It: Don’t Be Stuck in What You Know, Let it Be Challenged By God’s Word”

I remember growing up in Puerto Rico, it was very common to see signs in public places that read, “Conversations about politics and religion are strictly prohibited.” Such conversations carried such passion and controversy that people literally ended-up fist fighting. It seems like today’s days no one wants to engage in a good, deep and respectful discussion regarding doctrine. I guess because of the passion and controversy that such doctrines carry.


Surely there is a particular denomination that teaches that we receive it all at the time of our salvation. For them, there is nothing more to look forward to. From the time you are saved on, it is all about reading the Word and growing in our knowledge of the Word. There is a great deal of focus on getting as many people saved as possible. I do admire their passion for souls! There is another denomination that teaches that there is more to look forward to after salvation.


I am passionate about church history; it is indeed a new found passion in me. Throughout the two thousand year old history of the church; since the day of Pentecost in Acts Chapter two to today, much has happened. I see a church that started on fire with the original Apostles; they moved with power and signs and wonders. It was a time of intense persecution. History tells us that out of the twelve apostles that walked with Jesus, one committed suicide (Judas) and out of the eleven left, ten died horrible deaths. The Apostle Paul was not one of the original Apostles, but he is known as the Apostle for the Gentiles. Paul was decapitated and Peter was crucified upside down.


Persecution intensified against Christians, but nothing proved to be more effective against Christianity than man-made religion. Christianity lost the central message of what we are all about; we lost the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the Catholic Church took over Christianity. In the fifteen hundreds, Martin Luther gave us the reformation as the Protestant movement was born. The message of the Gospel was restored and alive again and we saw later the Great Awakenings. It was indeed a Revival of Souls! I can see that God blessed that movement greatly.







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