Beloved, I don’t write about these issues necessarily because I want to or because I want to brag about it. If you knew my life you will know very quickly that I have very little to brag about. I have been a great failure and even now I am standing because of God’s mercy. On the issue of food my awful numbers speak for themselves on how I have been killing myself physically for years. However, I feel compel to share these things because I am sure that this information will help somebody out there. My blog is not about exalting me; my blog is about exalting Jesus.

As many of you guys know, a month ago, June 4th to be exact, I went to the doctor to check my cholesterol and triglycerides. My cholesterol number was 238 (39 point above the acceptable maximum) My triglycerides numbers were a terrifying 590 (441 points above the acceptable maximum) Today, exactly one month since I discovered these numbers, my cholesterol went down to 207, a drop of 31 points and only 8 points away from the acceptable maximum. The triglycerides numbers changed in an even more dramatic way, they drop from 590 to 380.

I hesitated with the Vegan way of eating because I really, really, really like to eat; but I am enjoying this way of eating. As I eat better I am enjoying exercising more and my energy level is much better. These numbers were indeed impressive and they were reached in less than three months. To God be the glory!

I know that I have a long way to go with my triglycerides specially; I also know that I have to drop my weight big time but it feels good to finally be moving in the right direction. By the way, I am now 235 pounds; a month ago or so ago I was over 250.

I don’t want to take medication, but I want healing and the healing is found in God’s way of eating. Beloved, it is true; we can eat our way back to health. The Vegan approach is not a diet; it is indeed a way of life. I never go hungry; I eat until I am satisfied and day-by-day my body is adapting and actually craving healthy food. It is not easy; but gluttony is a sin. Unhealthy desires for food cause us the fall and that same unhealthy desire is killing us today.

I know that we like to laugh and make jokes about our weight and the foods we love to eat and not willing to give up, but it is not funny when we find ourselves facing a stroke or a heart attack that could severely damage the way we function or even kill us. It is not funny when our love ones suffered when we are gone too soon!!!!!

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