Lord, What About Me?










I hear the sound of thunder; so much louder than what we are used to. I hear the terrorizing voice of Jehovah. My soul trembles…there is so much more! His love is penetrating my heart; I can’t take HIM out of my mind even if I try. I am thirsty. I am like one about to die hanging on a tree. I am hungry like one who is not sure if he will even eat today. I run, but I don’t know exactly what I am going after or what I am running from. I am uncomfortable, lost in a city I have never been in before, on a highway unknown to me, in the middle of a sea of dissatisfactions. I am in the promise land of what my talents can give me, I have tasted the milk and honey of natural achievements, but I have not seen HIS glory. The Shekinah glory comes at me in the form of stories of others.


Yes, I heard of Adam and Eve who walked with God in the cool of the day; they saw God’s glory. I heard of Enoch who never knew death, and went on to be with the Lord. I heard of a man and his sons as they built an ark during times when rain was not known. I heard of the rainbow, the sign of a covenant with Noah as God started humanity all over again. Noah saw God’s glory!


I heard of Abraham and Sarah and the beginning of a nation that still today is among us…Yes, Abraham saw God’s glory! Can we talk about Moses? Moses saw God’s glory as God delivered His people from the powerful Egypt! Can we talk about Joshua? Joshua saw God’s glory as He conquered the Promise Land! Can we talk about the great Prophet Samuel? Not one of His Words touched the ground of false prophesy…Everything Samuel spoke became reality! Samuel saw God’s glory!


What can we say about David? David was in love with God’s glory; David danced before HIM who is worthy. David sang with a never-ending fountain of words that decorated the melodies of heaven on earth. David fought as the greatest warrior that ever existed…David saw His glory!


There is no other prophet like John the Baptist as he saw Jesus in the flesh. He heard the voice of the Father and saw the Holy Ghost descending in the form of a dove! John saw the glory! Many witnessed the King of kings and the Lord of lords as He walked among us. The disciples saw HIM closer than anyone. Paul persecuted the church, but on his way to Damascus he saw the glory and God gave him a new heart, the heart that gave us the love of First Corinthians thirteen.


One hundred and twenty souls gathered to pray and to celebrate Pentecost. In unity of heart and spirit they saw the tongues of fire as they received the heavenly power to witness. The church was now born! Those there saw God’s glory.


In dark times, when the message of the Gospel was stolen by the lies of a man-made church, the Moravians spread God’s truth and became the inspiration for the Great Reformation. In death, the beloved Moravians saw God’s glory. Thousands witnessed the glory of the First Great Awakening, the Second Great Awakening and the Third Great Awakening that shook the earth; they without a doubt saw the light of God’s glory. The Holy Ghost awakened a young man by the name of Evan Roberts from one to five in the morning every day for some time; his hunger opened His eyes and he saw the glory at the doors of the 20th century.


In America, William J. Seymour, a black man at the end of his road, was praying seven hours a day. He also opened a door in the 20th century. In Azusa Street the world saw the Shekinah glory of God. Many others came after him and they to saw the glory.


But, what about you? But, what about me? I stand here today…as a vessel of clay, as someone who is no one… and I prepare my heart, for the glory of the Lord is near. His Shekinah glory is coming, the Ark of the Covenant is appearing in the hearts of God’s people. I am preparing my heart for revival. Come with me; let us go after God with all of our hearts:

“Even now,” declares the Lord, “return to me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping and mourning.” Joel 2:12










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