The Difference Between Faith and Stupidity

There is a very thin line between faith and stupidity.

There is a very thin line between faith and stupidity. Faith is trusting God in spite of the end-result. Faith is an unmovable trust in God even when we do not get that thing that we want “real bad.” Faith is that deep knowledge that constantly reminds us that God knows best. Therefore, if He says no, it is ultimately for our own good. Faith is not measured based on what you get, but it is better measured when you don’t get it but still believe. Hebrews chapter eleven is known as the Hall of Fame of Faith; in Hebrews 11:39 we read the following:

And all these, having obtained a good testimony through faith, did not receive the promise…” NKJV


Stupidity, on the other hand, has a form of Godliness; it actually sounds spiritual. We say things such as: “I am believing God for this or for that,” but the problem is that we believe for something that is not only outside of His will for us, but many times is even out side of His Word. Stupidity pretends to manipulate God into doing something for us, just because we want that thing and because we declare our trust in God. The problem is that Stupidity is jumping out of the boat even when Jesus is not there.

Stupidity tells us to finance ourselves into what we want; to get that thing we can’t afford even as the Bible tells us in Romans 13:8

Owe no one anything except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law.” NKJV


Stupidity always goes against God’s Word! Stupidity is the main reason why many of us find ourselves in debt up to our necks. Stupidity takes away our freedom and is designed to hurt every aspect of our lives as we then find ourselves upset with God for not giving us what we want.

The name it and claim it doctrine has really done a great deal of damage in the Body of Christ; it is an arrogant, selfish, destructive and un-biblical doctrine that has ended many lives and ministries.

These days I have been faced with choosing between faith and stupidity, as it relates to some personal decisions. I was very close to; once again, stepping into stupidity and allowing my pride to force me to insisting in something I wanted for one of my dear children. I almost made a devastating mistake that would amount to never ending financial consequences. Nevertheless, with age, white hair and marks from bumps on your head against the wall of ignorance; comes wisdom.

The bottom line is that we must trust God and God alone; not our desires, our wants, not what society tells us we should have and not what is popular. God is God and He has the right to say YES, WAIT and even NO. He can indeed make everything possible, but not everything we want is convenient to us. God is more concerned about our souls than HE will ever be about what we want. God desires to bless us and this is what the Word says about His Blessings:

“The blessing of the Lord makes one rich, 
And He adds no sorrow with it.” Proverbs 10:22 NKJV

If that thing you bought or financed, or got involved with, or that business you started, that promotion you took, that new city you moved into, that new degree that you went after, etc. is adding sorrow to your soul, it was not of God. The word sorrow means: “Pain, hurt, toil.”

God probably gave you a million signs to tell you that it was not of Him. He tried to stop you in many ways, but you went on and did it anyways; just like the builders of The Tower of Babel. Now you must swallow your pride, confess, repent and learn from it. Many of us are feeling all of these three things right now (Pain, Hurt and Toil) I know I do every month, when I look at the stupid loans I took to buy things I did not need and I could not afford…But we learn…eventually…do we?

It is one thing for us to fight the good fight of faith and come against the normal attacks of the enemy. The Apostle Paul established in Second Timothy that it was indeed a good fight; why? Because if we do persevere we win. The other is to see the sorrows directly attached to something we went after outside of the will of God.

When faced with sorrow, our way out is repentance. When faced with persecution, there is no way out, we must press on and establish in our hearts that “His grace is sufficient.”  (2 Corinthians 12:9) In our weakness God gets the glory when we operate in true faith in Him. When we do things outside of faith we are sinning and God will never bless sin. Romans 14:23 tells us:

“…whatever is not from faith is sin.”


In the center of God’s will, we will see His mighty hand of deliverance and your emotions protected by His grace. May we embrace a life style of faith and run from continuing in our stupidity.

Author: angelcasiano

An independent thinker with a profound call to see the orthodoxy of the church and passion for Christ manifesting together. Angel was born in Brooklyn, New York in April of 1968, he was raised on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico where he earned his B.S. degree in Sociology with a minor in Education from the Inter American University in San Germán in 1991. That same year he moved to Jacksonville, Florida. After working construction jobs for a year and learning the English language, his first job working with foster-care children in the capacity of youth care worker was with Jacksonville Youth Sanctuary in September of 1992. With JYS he was promoted several times as group home supervisor, legal caseworker, and program director. While in Jacksonville, Angel studied a couple of martial arts styles. After earning his black belt, he became the founder of Good Fight Ministries as he used martial arts as an instrument to preach the gospel. In 2004 Angel was selected Martial Arts Instructor of the Year for the State of Florida and in 2005 Angel was inducted in the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame where he also received the Christian Spirit Award. In July of 2005 Angel accepted his call to pastor a bilingual church in Winton, NC where he served for a couple of years. Five months later he lost his first wife to cancer in December of that same year. This initiated a deep valley of suffering in his life, a mountain of costly mistakes and the embracing of lifestyles of sin that are well documented through this blog. In August of 2012 Angel moved to Fairbanks Alaska with his wife Rayette Casiano and six children who are now adults. In Alaska, Angel continued his social work-related career and his ministry of preaching, teaching and writing. Angel is the author of two books, Hope for the divorcee: Forgiving and Moving Forward and 7 Banderas de Esperanza: La Bendición de Yokdzonot. In January 8th of 2020 Angel and his wife moved to Arizona.

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