Entering a Time of Corporate Fasting


It is amazing to me how we spend our lives messing up before knowing Christ. It equally amazes me how then, after making Christ our savior, we spend our lives hiding our mess.  We hide behind causes and behind ministries, but never allow the Holy Spirit to go deeper into our hearts and sanctify our souls. Worst of all is the idea of people being offered a Gospel where all they have to do is accept Jesus without repenting of their sins. Jesus accept us the way we are, however, we must repent for who we are in terms of our sinful life styles.


We have been talking about a corporate fasting in our church, but for some reason the Lord did not allow me to announce the date to start this fast. The fast, I understand now, can’t be about asking the Lord for revival, for our nation, our families or anything external. God is asking for a fasting where HE can deal with us, the condition of our hearts and our personal sin. He desires to do this in preparation for other reasons for fasting and in preparation for the release of HIS glory.


In the next couple of weeks we will be announcing a corporate time of fasting and prayer. May the Lord, even now, prepare our hearts and may we be bless with the spirit of repentance. God bless you!

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